Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2/27/08 6:00 p.m.

What a crazy day. It started out very peacefully but then........

At about 3:30 Kim White came up to Will's ICU room to sit with me during the long night. What a great friend. We were just visiting and watching Will sleep. The doctors came in and were disappointed that Will hadn't woke up yet. Well after trying and trying and trying to wake him up, Will wouldn't cooperate. The last dr. left about 6 a.m. thinking bad thoughts. I asked if there was anything we could do. To pacify me, she said that we could try to wake him up in another hour or so. Well, we waited exactly ten minutes. You should know that that was hard to even wait ten minutes. After praying, we each took a hand. I was yelling at him to wake up. He ignored me. Go figure. I was asking him to do things and he again ignored me. So I asked Kim to talk about something. First thing out of her mouth was "How are you?" Now to me, that was hysterical! What's he going to say? He has tubes running over every part of his body. So after I was done laughing, I told her to just talk. Well, Will's best friend is named Coach. So Kim said that she had been talking a lot every day to Coach and telling him all about everything. She said that Coach really wanted to be here but he will wait until Will wakes up and has visitors. At this time, Will's eyes opened---yes, I know. Praise God for one more miracle. It gives me goosebumps just writing about it. I think we screamed a little. We asked him to squeeze our hands and he did. They we told him to let them go and he did. We asked him to do all of the stuff the drs. told him to do and he did it. Well, guess what? The nurse (he has a one-on-one nurse) just stepped out to grab a med and he wasn't able to see it. I knew "they" wouldn't believe us. So I told him to rest because he has to perform again.
The nurse came running when he heard us yelling "Praise God!" He asked what happened. We showed him how well Will could respond. He had another nurse come in and Will had to perform again. (Can you see where this is going??) Our nurse told one of the drs. and he came in and asked him to do the same things. The head dr. came in about fifteen minutes later and asked him to do the same thing. All day people have been asking him to do the same thing. He has gotten really good at performing on command. Everyone wants to see him do this. They sure are entertained easily in this hospital. I should make a movie and sell it. We could make a fortune.
So I digress again, sorry.
The xrays showed his lungs are in perfect position and whole. I got to listen to them for the first time. It scared me because there was this loud noise. I thought it was a broken stethoscope I asked the nurse what it was, she said it was the air in the new lungs. What a wonderful sound!!!!
Because he had been paralyzed so long, he wasn't able to wake up enough to start getting his vent out. That's the machine that is breathing for him. He was pretty exhausted from the last few days and the Dr's. decided that it would be a better thing to keep it in one more day. It would be better with one day more of help breathing. So to communicate he has to write in the palm of our hands. You can imagine how much fun that we are having doing that. Will gets so frustrated. It's a good thing that he is sleeping a lot.
So he only has 11 iv's now. This room is getting so empty. They were able to bring in a chair last night. Before they couldn't fit it in. Now there is lots of room in here. Everything is finally turning around. The drs are still very pessimistic but maybe that's how they operate. He has had an amazing day and we get to testify of God's love for Will. What miracles are happening here!!!!


bug said...

Congratulations Will!!! I bet it was your moms laughing that woke you up. But whatever it was we love it! We are excited for the wedding and hope to bring you a tape Cali made for you of bed time stories. Love you lots...Shankel's

Thunder said...

WOW! I am so excited everything worked out for you!!! I knew you would pull through because of how strong you are!!! Congratulations!!!
I love you lots,

JKDK said...

Congratulations Will! I am glad to hear that you are doing so well. I heard the great news from my Mom - we are all excited for you. Jason Dettman-Kruse

osbornefamilyof4 said...

I have been waiting to hear news and praying all day for you Will. Not a hour goes by without you being in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you Jesus is all I can say!!! Terri, I really wish there was a video camera on you today it would of been great to see. We can't wait to see you on Friday for the wedding. Just know we are still praying and thanking God for the Miracle He is doing. If there is anything we can do or bring up for friday please let us know how we can help. Lots of love, the Osborne Family

Susan said...

Terri, I am thinking that the nurses and doctors must believe they could make a movie about you guys and sell it. We have been praying and hoping all day for this news of progress.
Love, Roger and Susan

Mindy Lou said...

I think what got Will to respond, it was knowing that tomorrow night LOST is on! LOL

It is so amazing to watch God answer prayers one after another after another after another...What a blessing your family has been to that hospital staff.

Terri, I can hear your screams of joy and it makes me so happy! Keep getting stronger Will. We love you all so much and will continue to pray!

Erin said...

Will, you made my dad's day to hear that you perked up when the name "Coach" was mentioned. I think it also had to do with the fact that you wanted to shut your mom up! : ) He, you all so much! ~ Erin

Cyndi said...

Prayer is so powerful! Thank you for sharing your son's miracle with all of us. It just keeps getting better . . . and best is yet to come! Our thoughts and prayers are with you always :)
We love you,
Cyndi and Family

Cath said...

Dear Willi and family (hope you don't mind, I have always called you Willi)... I want to thank you and your family for always being such a positive influence with the struggles of life... for being the inspiration, determination and example for us to never, ever ever give up... Your life has been my strength to drawn on... God's Love shines in your every gesture and We love you and our prayers always are with you... Be well in heart, mind, spirit and body. xoxoxox Cathy, Jay, Taresa, Tamara, Rebecca, John and families... Thanks Willi, Angel, Tom and Terri!