Tuesday, February 26, 2008

one more surgery

Everybody---Will just went down for his surgery to close up his chest. The doctors didn't know if they could close the whole chest or just a part of it. They were able to get all the lungs settled in the right spots and it went well. He scared the doctors a little during surgery but he rallied and he's right back where he was when he went down to the OR. Now they will start taking him off the paralyzing drugs and let him wake up a little. Not too much yet because he's been through so much. It will be nice to have him come around. Our next BIG hurdle is getting the lungs to breathe on their own. I am going back up to his room now and check on him right now. Will let you know soon
Keep the prayers


Kabina said...

Will is such a postive role model to us all and such an amazing person. He has stayed so strong through such a difficult fight. He is in our thoughts and prayers every second of every day. Tell him we love him and thank you for the updates.
Love Always
The JLT Family

Mason & Suzy said...

Hold strong Will! We love you!
-Suzy Harper

Scott & Melissa said...

You can do it will!!! We are behind you all the way!! Terri, thanks for the updates and staying positive. You are such a strength and there is nothing like a mother's love to make Will's ability to survive that much stronger! YOU ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

Will and Family you have been in our thought and prayers more than I can say.
Terri and Tom I just hope that I can be half the parent that you are because Will and Angel are SO lucky to have you. Someday I hope my children can say the same about Martin and I.
Aaron and Angel congrats on Friday, I wish I could make it. Will send some nice Florida weather your way!
Will I'm not sure where to start, but you have made such a huge impact on my life. Everytime I pick up a basketball I think about you and what you would say or do to teach a child. (Hopefully, you will have a refresher camp for us adults when you get out!) Also want you to know that we have little basketball players coming up that need a great coach, and we all know that there isn't one better than YOU!!!
Love you all lots,
Jessica and Family

Wrangler said...

We are heading to boys state tomorrow morning Terri, but will take Dan's laptop with us to Boise to keep updated this weekend on Will. You're enduring strength as a parent is tremendous. Know how much all of you are loved and by so many of us. We all have you in our thoughts and prayers. Love, the Udy Family

Juli said...

Tom, Terri, Angel,Aaron, and Will, Thanks for keeping us all up-dated, you are all in the forefront of all our minds..I can tell you the prayer chain continues to grow, minute by minute!! Stay Strong Will!! I had a long conversation with Lorena Maag today, and we agreed Mona would be so proud of Wills bravery and strength!! Its opened a flood-gate of memories for us...(Smile!) and we both agreed that Will has one angel at his side with experience...thats a GREAT thing! (BIG SMILE!) Mona saw her transplant as the ultimate gift, truly a miracle of life. As Will regains strength, you'll continue to see miracle after miracle unfold before you...its all so amazing! Take good care of yourselves, he'll need all your love and strength in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead...sending love, peace and joy, Juli Christopherson Lynch Congrats shout out to Angel and Aaron!!! Happy Wedding Day!!

Mecale said...

Tom & Terri, thanks so much for taking the time to keep us all updated. It is great to hear that Will is doing better and better. What a blessing to have such stong family support and friends. He has always been a fighter, I know he got some of that from his great parents. I have shared what has been going on with a couple of co-workers whom both have gone through the 'transplant experience' with immediate family members too. As soon as I talked to them they were saying "he is on my list (prayer)". I thought that was pretty cool.

Will, keep fighting. You are an inspiration to us all and from what you have read, know that you are in all of our thoughts and prayers.

Angel and Aaron, Good Luck and Cragrats on Friday. I know Will honestly meant that he wanted you to continue with the wedding as planned. Honestly, I think he knew this would be the only way of getting out of wearing a tux for the day.

Take care and get some rest when you can. We love you
The Dunns