Tuesday, February 26, 2008

first installment-the start of the journey

Many of you have been patiently waiting for more to be put up on this blog. I really appreciate all the support and prayers that have been going out for Will. I am sitting next to his bedside and this seemed like a quiet time for a few minutes to get this started. I will have to make little installments and post them one at a time. If you don't like to read much, this might not make sense to you and remember---it's almost four in the morning now, nothing makes sense. I did get a couple hours of sleep today so part of my mind is coming back now. Please make allowances for misspellings and confusion on my part. I just want to share some of this with all of you.

So I will start the journey with how he got the call.
I was talking on the phone with Angel and Will had just gotten up (for all of you who know him-it was early for him 11:00 am) He came out and was getting his cereal. We heard this funny beeping. I told Will to check my computer because I hadn't heard that noise before. He said it wasn't the computer, but that it was coming out of his bedroom. It was just a little beep, beep. I was still just talking to Angel. Will came out of his bedroom with the beeper in his hand and said the call was from the hospital and we need to call right away. Well, he just stands there forever and I YELLED at him to call. He said he would as soon as I get off his phone. That was so funny. (sometimes I will have to insert this so people know when to laugh) So I hung up on Angel and Will called. In the meantime I had called Angel back using my phone, so she was on the phone while Will was talking to the head of the transplant team. I couldn't tell what they were saying so I was whispering to Will "what, what, what" He wasn't telling me anything and Angel was yelling on her end of the phone too. Well, he hung up and just sat there for a few minutes and said they want him at the hospital to start a workup because they think they might have some good lungs. Well just imagine hearing this. Angel starting hollering that she will be right down. I started throwing things in a suitcase and Will said he was going to take a shower.
I asked him if he was crazy but he said he needed one. So now we are waiting on him to finish and it was a pretty scary ride to the hospital. We all didn't say too much. We did make it in one piece, and yes, Randy, I even remembered to put Will in the car with me. I will continue in the second installment.

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