Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fourth installment-Afterwards

I suggest you read the first installments and read them in order so this makes sense.

When Will got out of surgery, he had 23 iv's going through him. They did have to keep him in an induced coma because his chest is open. They don't want him moving at all so they keep him very quiet. Many, many machines were working for him. He is on a vent that is breathing for him. The room is so full of 'stuff' it's hard to find a place to stand. We hope that he will stabilize long enough to close his chest. The surgeon will make that call this morning. They have already come a long way with him and I expect the best news soon. The doctors still aren't saying things are looking good. But after what we went through, I feel that every thing is going to be alright.
It is all in God's hands and Will is His child before he was mine. I trust Him and it's all about God's great plan for Will.

Angel and Aaron have been great help and I am soooooooo glad they were here in time. We can only have two people in Will's room at a time so we play tag team all day and night. Well, not night because I stay with him then.

On the way to the hospital, Will told us that we were to go on with the wedding. Under no circumstances were we to cancel. So we are having a wedding in three days.
Yes, the Harbison's are insane!! I think most of you all know that but I put that in here in case there were some new readers. Angel and Aaron will be married on Friday just as planned. Some of the little things won't get done, but oh well. I have all the major things already done. I am sure glad that I don't put things off. We have been having lots of family flying in to be here with us now. Kim and Richard White (our good friends and next door neighbors) have been with us this entire time. Jeff and Charyl Jester came up to sit with us during the surgery. He was the comic relief during that long night. They had to go home yesterday. And our minister from our church in Hagerman came up to give us spiritual support. How wonderful all this is.
All Tom Angel, Aaron and I want to say is that we feel very blessed to have so many people on their knees praying for Will's recovery. How wonderful everyone has been and we feel all your love. I will keep updating as much as I can. It's already 5:30 am and it's starting to get very busy. I know all of you want to be with us during this time and it's just not possible but we do carry your love with us ever time we come into Will's room. Will feels it too, trust me. He still hasn't woke up yet but we still talk to him anyway.
Just keep praying, God has already worked many, many miracles in Will's life, and he continues to do so every hour. I am sitting next to Will right now and told him that you all have sent your love. When he recovers enough, and he will, he will want to read the comments, so please leave some for him.


osbornefamilyof4 said...

God is so so so Good! We have been praying for Will none stop since noon on Saturday. We love you all very much and will continue to be praying for Will.

KP said...

Love ya, Will!!! Keep fighting!!!! Terri, thank you for taking the time to keep us informed and to share this journey with us. You are an amazing mom with an amazing son. You are all in our thoughts & prayers.

auntie said...

Good job Will and God! What teamwork! Terri, there are prayers coming from Shasta Lake, CA, also. Squeeze Will's hand for me and tell him, love from me to him. Hug Tom and your baby girl and let them know we are thinking of you all! God placed Will on this earth with a special purpose. Let Will know we will see him again. A. & A.

Katie Lardy said...

Will, we love you sooo much. Stay strong and know Paul and I are thinking about and praying for you constantly.

Terri, thank you so much for the information you've shared. I send big hugs to all of you. And give Will a squeeze for me, too.

Judy said...

Tell Will all of Hagerman is praying for him and your whole family. Thank you SO much for the update. We LOVE all of you so much. Love, Layne and Judy

Brant said...

What an EMOTIONAL morning it has been reading about all of the excitement and trials that you have faced within the last few days. There are SO many people Will that love and care for you in your life. You have so many people thinking and praying for you during this difficult time. I know when my little family needed the prayers, they were truely felt and it was so comforting to know that so many people cared. Your Heavenly Father loves you and your family. All of the things that you are going through right now are such growing experiences for you and those around you. We love you so much Will and will have you in our thougts and prayers!
Terri, again thank-you so much for keeping a wonderful journal for us to read and keep updated on Will. I TOTALLY understand about not writing the "specifics" on the blog. I did the same thing because it's so hard to explain and some things are better left unsaid. Love You tons!
Leslie Darrington

Cyndi said...

We are constantly praying for Willy and each one of you. Willy gets his strength and courage from his mother. Love you Terri :)

Mindy Lou said...

I'm speechless... God is so good! Willie, we love you and we are praying for you. You are such a strong individual. Know that you are very special to all of us.

Tom, Terri, Angel, & Aaron...
You are in our prayers too. The strength & love you are providing Willie with right now is making him that much stronger.

Mark and I love all of you and we will continue praying. (Breanna sends her love and is keeping you in her prayers too!)

Shayne said...

Will, keep fighting the good fight, and we will all keep sending all our love and prayers to you and your family.

Teri, thanks so much, for sharing the trials and tribulations on this blog. When you told the story about Will saying "I, will call as soon as you get off the phone..." I could vividly capture that moment ~ it was trademark Will. He truly is one of a very special kind.

Best, Shayne

Little Joe said...

Our prayers and candles are lit and will continue until Will is heard screaming at the tv over basketball. We love you all.

"lasdefnf nsdfni nf nwefroi wefinew wfi"
That was from Faith, what she said while typing was
"get better Nino love you" and then kissed the keyboard
Love you, Joe,Jodi, Lisa & Faith

Martinez Family said...

Terri, you are mom of the year. Thank you fot your posted updates.
We have had a candle lite for our Will since we received the call Sunday Morning. It burns with a;; the ddetermination, Will does!

Please tell Will, that his god-daugher has been blowing him kisses and doing a little "I love Nino" cheer. We talk to her every day about his progress. And her Daddy tells her childhood stories about him and her Nino.

Always keep the Faith!Will is even more blessed since he truly has Faith on his side...

Please tell him that she loves her Nino very much and that we love him too.

Joe, Jodi, Lisa & Faith

Steph T. said...

We love you, Mrs. Harbison! We miss you! We can't wait to see you. We want Will to feel better soon. Love, your last year class

Mason & Suzy said...

What an amazing family you all are! I am so proud of your strength Will! You inspire me so much! Thank you for letting your mom share what she can with us. I think I've prayed every 15 minutes today for you! Sometimes every 10! The girls on the 4th floor were all anxious to hear reports. Thank heavens for blogging. I know that the Lord has a hand in all things and that you are not overlooked especially in this moment. I know you've all felt that this past few days! I love you all so much. You are wonderful people with incredible strength!
Love- Suzy Harper

Jensen's said...

Harbison Family; The journal is great and your friends in the Hagerman area are praying for you all. Our love to you.
Cliff & Suzanne

Carrie said...

Will, you are such an amazing fighter. You are in our thoughts and prayers with every hour that passes. We can't wait to see you grow stronger and stronger.

Terri, Thanks for the great updates. It is nice to read all of them so that we feel the connection even though you are down there.

Harbisons and Aaron, we can't wait to see you this weekend. Please let us know if you need anything before we come down.

Love Joe and Carrie Chizum