Tuesday, February 26, 2008

second installment-getting started

We got to the hospital and before we got out of the car, we said a prayer for what was starting to happen and we said one for the donor's family. I want to say, organ donation is a very special gift of life. More about that later.
We checked in and they put us in a room. They ran many, many tests to make sure Will didn't have any surprise bugs in his body. The surgeons came in and explained what was happening and what was about to happen. they told us Will should be taken back about 4 or 5 pm. About six, they came in and told us there would be a slight delay-that's funny too, right?
So then they said they would probably take him down about 7 to the OR. They would get everything set and put Will out and then the team that went to retrieve the donor lungs from Vegas. That's as much as info about the donor lungs they will give us. About 9:oo pm on Saturday night they took him down. We all went to the surgical waiting room and we waited. They called us about 11:00 and said they made the initial cut on Will and the lungs are good and they are in flight right then. I would have rather they waited until the lungs were here before cutting, but they didn't ask me. They told us they would give us updates every two hours. I didn't know that when they say that, they really mean three or four hours. It was a long night!!!!
Now we will go on the next installment.

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