Wednesday, February 27, 2008

update 2/27/08 3:10 a.m.

The plan of action after surgery was to start taking him off of all the paralysis medicine and make his body come awake. That was the doctor's plan. Well, Will's plan was that he needed more sleep. So everybody, if you know Will, you know who one this battle. They are going to let him sleep until morning. Silly doctors

We are pleased with most of his progress and are encouraged by what this mother can see. The doctors are still not saying anything positive but maybe that's their way. The Harbison's see nothing but improvement. Once again, silly doctors. What do they know?

No, I'm just having early morning funnies. The doctors here at the University are amazing!!! He has so many that I can't even count. And I can't say enough good about them. They just don't understand who they are dealing with. Even in this deep of sleep his numbers are improving. So today we are going to try to wake him up again. I told them not to even try until after 11:00 because Will's doesn't do ANYTHING until after that.

Then when he wakes up we want those lungs to start working on their own a little bit.
By the way, I coerced the surgeon to take pictures of the surgery. I know, that's pretty sick. No, it wasn't for me. Will's friend, Brent Clark wanted to use them for his science classes. They are way cool but I don't want to publish them until Will says it's okay. It's amazing how he could even breathe with those old things. And because his chest was open, the brave ones of his family got to see his new ones sitting in his chest. Wow!!!!! Miraculous medicine.

I wanted to ask you people that are praying for Will, that you pray for these awesome nurses in this intensive care unit. They have jumped on some major problems that Will was experiencing and they even told the doctors what they think might help. The amazing part of that is the doctors even listened. You don't see that every day. These specialized nurses go to so much more schooling and they know their stuff. So pray that God continues sending us the perfect nurses to help Will through this. But there was one nurse that we had to fire. Angel and I didn't like her attitude. We said no negative people around Will. I can be pretty fierce protecting Will, but after watching Angel, I am a pussy cat.

As I sit here in the dark after three in the morning watching Will, I feel so blessed that our family has such wonderful friends to help us through this. I know all of you would do anything to help Will and right now, what he needs are your prayers. God has been granting miracle after miracle these past few days. I have faith that He will continue to do this. I am so lucky that I have belief in Him. I can't even imagine how any parent can go through this without God. Someday, with Will's permission, I will tell you of some of these miracles. But for now, just know that God is with Will and I feel His presence in this hospital room. I will continue to update throughout the day. Thank all of you that have been sending comments. Will can read them when he is awake. We love hearing from all of you. It gladdens our hearts.

I thank God for all of you in Will's life.


Judy said...

Wow, this will be an exciting day for Will, and for everyone. Thanks again for the updates. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all the time. I know you can feel the LOVE from everyone that is not there in person giving your family a big hug. WE LOVE YOU LOTS. Love, Layne and Judy

Erin said...

I was just telling my dad that I have the night prayer shift covered! Since I work graveyard I will be praying every spare second I have at work! I love you all so very much and want you to know you're all in my prayers! And Whit scored 33 points in her game last night against Evergreen State and said every point was for Will. I know he'll be proud to hear that. : )

karrie & jeff said...

Thanks so much for the updates; it lets us know specifically how to pray. I've been printing off your blog entries for Jeff to take to work for all the guys at the shop. What a witness your family is! Will is in our thoughts constantly. We love you, Jeff and Karrie

Math Teacher said...

What a wonderful way for everyone to see God's work. We are praying and we will continue to do so. Stay Strong, Daniel & Math Teacher

Anonymous said...

Hi Willy!! This is Tyler Osborne here. You need to keep fight, fight, fighting because I am going to need a good basketball coach here in about 8-10 years. Did you hear that coach Clark was even going to come out of retirement then?! There are a lot of us boys being born right now and we are going to need the both of you if Hagerman is going to win the State championship!
Well Mommy and Daddy are praying for you non-stop so you know. We all love you and can't wait for you to come home.


Katie Lardy said...

Hi Will! I'll leave this post now, and it'll be waiting for ya when you wake up around 11:00.
Stay strong and we love you!

Again, today, you're the first person I think about and pray about when I woke up.

Terri, today at the university, I'll be speaking to students in class who are interested in becoming healthcare professionals.
I also have so much admiration for individuals in that field, and I have been praying for Will's nurses and doctors there.
Let them know we are all behind them, as well.
And tell Angel, I like her attitude.
Nothing but positive.

Love you all!
Katie & Paul

Anna said...

Will, Teri, and family. I am thinking about you constantly. I can't wait to hear the details of the suregery and how it all works putting everything back together and making it work.
Lots and thoughts and love,

Stephanie C. said...

Good Morning!!! It is truly wonderful to be reminded of the power of prayer… WOW! My class and I have been keeping track of the updates. The updates have been such a blessing for all of us that cannot be with you right now, so thank you for taking the time to share Willie's progress with us. In addition, my class wants to send you a huge cyber hug. We miss you and love you!!! Steph & "The Gang"

Juli said...

Terri and Family, I want to share this thought for the day...God Didn't Promise Days Without Pain, Laughter Without Sorrow, Nor Sun Without Rain, But He Did Promise Strength For The Day, Comfort For The Tears, And Light For The Way...Will, hang in there and Stay Strong...Sending Love and Prayers!!Juli and Family

Mason & Suzy said...

Hi Will! You awake? Leslie and I keep calling each other to make sure we're checking the blog and praying. We are thinking about you every minute. Both of us wish we were the nurses down there when you wake up so we can begin the short-sheeting of your bed, vaseline on your pillow, and of course, the decorating of your room. But for now we'll let the serious nurses recover you. We're so grateful for the whole healthcare team that's been with you! We love you and the whole family! And I agree.... Go Angel!!!
-Suzy Harper

jo said...

Hi from the Hawkins family...we are so glad that he is doing well so far. Let me know if you need a good Resp. Therapist. Thanks for the updates. We love you all, Jo,Jim, Megan and Ali

Patty Mc said...

Just wanted you all to know that we are the ones that are blessed to know this family and to be privelaged to pray for you Willie and all of you. I have been praying for quite some time, have now included my son and daughter in law with the prayer vigel and also my assistant, Barb, who inturn has inlisted her step mom in Montana and her payer group. God is good, all the time and we just have faith that God is STILL IN CONTROL. We too believe that Will has made improvement and will continue to believe and pray. God Bless you all as he has all of us thru this. Much LOVE & PRAYERS
Patty McFarlane and family and friends