Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Great weekend, part 2

So on Friday night, Maegan and family came up. On Saturday, Billie and family came up. Will's Aunt Karen came with them. So for a while we had Maegan, Arron, Rustin, Billie, Matt (her husband and Will's other Dallas Cowboy fan) and Sadie Kay, that's our sweet little girl. She is a true sunshine maker. They picked up Angel on their way from Boise so she got to visit everyone and I got to see my girl. Boy that was a lot of people in our little apt. We had no problem with it though and it was a great time. Around noon Maegan and her family left to go back to Pocatello and then we just visited with Billie (and future Dallas fan, she's due the first of April), Matt, and Sadie, Karen and Angel. Sadie kept us on our toes with all her antics. We made a Sadie Cake and she got to frost it.

Then we all went over to their hotel and watched them swim. She was so cute. She loves the water. As you can see Aunt Angel just likes to put her feet in. Sadie wanted her to go swimming with her in the big pool. It was a sunny day so we decided to all go for a walk. It wasn't as warm as we thought so we made it a short walk. Will and Sadie wanted to go down the slide. Will doesn't fit so he just had to watch. These little play parks are in our apt. complex. Still had lots of snow.

It was a great weekend but they had to leave on Sunday early afternoon. It was so hard for us to see them leave, but Will was pretty tired by then. They took Angel home and then went back to Boise. It's a long drive but we are sure glad they came up. Thanks everyone.
Again we feel God's love and blessings because He gave us such a loving family (and a large one!).
Now it's back to wedding plans and getting through the winter driving. We want to thank every one for their prayers for the new lungs. We are all being patient and waiting for God's perfect timing. I have to keep telling myself that. Post more pictures later.


~B~ said...

Sades has not stopped asking to go see Auntie and Willie since.

Apparently we don't feed her near enough sugar, let her watch the fun cartoons, let her swim in the pool or let her play on the big toys NEAR enough.

Christi said...

It is true. They don't let her do anything. They are lame.