Thursday, February 28, 2008

update 2/27/08 2:30 am

The evening went really well. He has just been resting. He is a little agitated so we have been trying to keep him feeling secure. So Angel and Aaron came up about 8:30 pm and stayed with him while I went home to sleep for a few hours. It felt so good to be in my bed. I came back around midnight and Will, who still has to write everything in the palm of our hands, told Angel to make sure I knew how to rub his head with a cool washrag. He doesn't remember that I have been doing it all day long. That tells me that the amnesia medicine they are giving him is working. I sure hope so. I don't want him to r.emember this at all. Even though I will be telling him of the wonderful people taking care of him, I don't want him to remember what they are doing to him. I don't think their is enough money in the bank to pay these people for the care they are giving Will.

The head lung transplant specialist came to see him today and told Will that he made an old lady of her. She is amazing, very caring. She told Will that he has finally made her relax a little bit. That's great news.

Today, our plan of action is to try to take out the vent. They will only do that if the lungs and the chest muscles are strong enough to let him breathe on thier own. They take several "trial" runs before they actually take the vent off. They will do this slowly so as not to compromise his progress. It might take all day. So we will be patient. In the meantime, we all have been sponging him off with ice cold rags because the anti rejection medicine makes his skin feel like it's on fire. He doesn't have a fever but he feels like he's burning up. The cold rags help a lot. Right now he is sleeping his first sleep since they woke him up this morning at 6:00 am. It's such a
busy day, he has got to be exhausted.
Today is Thursday. Tomorrow Will's sister is getting married. She planned this day so she made sure Will would be at the wedding. Will never lets her make any decision, even on this important day. He probably had this all planned. (just kidding) So they are coming up here in their wedding clothes so Will can see them. That will be okay. I am glad almost everything is done already.
Angel is marrying an amazing man. Aaron has been her rock through all of this and has experience every high and low of this last week with us. He has kept strong and has also kept Angel strong. She is a lucky lady to have him (but then I think he's lucky to be getting her too) He has said as many prayers and cried as many tears as all of us. He loves Will and knows how important he is to Angel. They are going to be very happy. Pray for their marraige also, would you? How blessed that they both were able to be here for this week. Their bosses are terrific to let them have the time off

Oh, by the way I forgot to write this. Will picked his head off the pillow today. This was a good step because when they get him off the vent, the drs want to put an epidural behind his neck into his spine to control the pain. This will be very, very good for Will. He doesn't like pain and he lets us know. That is hard for us to see but I just have to tell myself that he won't remember any of this.

Will is waking up so I need to go. He slept for almost one hour. that's good. So when we have any news of the vent, we will let you know. Pray for this to go smoothly. The unceasing prayers that have gone up for Will just-------------I don't have any words to describe this feeling. Your prayers have made the difference. God has answered every one. Praise the Lord.


Erin said...

I am so sad I won't be there for the wedding but I send my love! I continue to pray for you Will every spare second I get. By the way Terri, thanks a lot for making me bawl everytime I read this at work! Everyone is always looking at me strange. You have a way with words. : ) I love you all so much! Good luck with the vent today!

karrie & jeff said...

Will, keep fighting. You are such a strong man and I know God has so many more plans for you. You have many lives yet to touch! Angel and Aaron, congratulations and we are so happy for you both. Enjoy your day and know that we're praying for you, too. May God bless your marriage. Love from Jeff and Karrie

Stacy said...

Will, you are an amazing person! You and your family are always in our prayers. We missed seing your smiling face on the bench this season. I know Jordan wanted this year to be for you and let me tell you, wow, she had a great year! Angel, congrats on your wedding. I have really missed coaching with you. I wish you nothing but the best. Keep fighting Will! Terri, your family is really amazing! We appreciate Will and Angel so much! Thank you for being part of Jordan's life. You have made an impact! With love, Stacy Burnham

Dianne Schow said...

Scott Draper told us about Will's blog and now when I check on news of the triplets I also hold my breath and check on Will. There are many loving hands providing him with care and attention!

Sending prayers and best wishes.

auntie said...

Eileen calls me everyday Aunt Terri, to remind me of the blog. I read it every morning before I go to work & it inspires me to be happy at work & appreciate life. Take care of yourself Mama. Squeeze Will's hand for me. Tell Angel & Aaron congratulations on their upcoming wedding this week. Hi to Tom! The prayers continue & love to you all! Will, truly amazing!!! Luv 2 U all, Anna & Anthony

Huskies4all said...

Terri, Tom, Angel, Will (And now, Aaron!)

I'm not sure if Will would even remember me, but this is Carrie Jo (Windes) Fattig. Mom told me about this blog today.

As far as the silly doctors go, well pppbbbttt. Even *I* know Will doesn't give up, EVER, and I've not seen him for years. :-) If anyone can get better on sheer "Will"power, it's him.

I know Will is in the best hands, both medically and spiritually. And he has the best family. Support like that makes a difference.

All the best with the vent,

Little Joe said...

Tia, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the updates. Willie's fight is an inspiration to us all. My faith is stronger more than ever knowing that the Lord has worked his miracles on such a wonderful man.

Uncle Tom, Continue to do what you. You are the man.

Angel and Aaron, may you have a blessed day tomorrow. We wish we could be there, but they don't let us crazy Californians get out of this state much. :) Lisa really wanted to go, and says to get ready for her when she comes up next. She plans on hanging out with you a lot.

You Goddaughter wants you to know how much she loves you. Everytime she walks by your picture she wants to call you and see if you are better. She is a little persistent and stubborn girl. I can't wait for you to talk to her so she won't yell at me so much.

and from us, know that we love you very much. You're my best man and Godfather to our little girl, we treasure this always in our hearts and thank you for being you. your strength, strengthens us all.

Love Joe, Jodi, Lisa and Faith

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. Ephesians 1:3

Steph T. said...

I am so happy to read the good news. You are all so strong! Congratulations on the wedding tomorrow. Enjoy your happy day! The students and teachers in Bliss are thinking about you all! God bless you!

Cyndi said...

Willy, Tom, Terri, & Angel,

May you have a wonderful day tomorrow as you share this time of many miracles together. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. We are so happy to hear of Willy's continued progress:) Our prayers are with you always! We wish that we could see how beautiful Angel will be tomorrow in her wedding dress but we will be there in spirit!
With Love, Cyndi, Kim, Daniel, & Lacy

gina said...

Will, I'm praying for you buddy - always! Keep fighting! Congratulations to Angel and Aaron - I wish you the best as you begin your new life together. Your family continues to be in my thoughts and prayers each day. Thanks for keeping us all posted and stay strong!! Love from Gina

Rachel Finn said...

What an awesome God we have! Keep fighting Will, you are such an inspiration to all of us! Congratulations and Blessings to Angel and Aaron...wish we could be there right now! The Finns