Sunday, February 3, 2008

Go Jerome Tigers

Will has had a good week. He seems to tire easier but it could be from the cold. It has been very chilly here in Salt Lake City, and lots of snow. We go up to the hospital three times a week for a few hours of pre-transplant rehab and then usually we just come home. But last week Will got to watch two games with his Jerome Tiger girls on the computer. It is wonderful that they webcast the games. It really means a lot for him to be able to watch the girls play. It's the next best thing from being there. They played hard and won both games. So they play on Monday night for the state berth. GO TIGERS!!!

Today, being Sunday, we are going to venture out and visit our nephew in Layton to watch the Super Bowl. Danny, our nephew, is making a big party out of it because he knows that Will doesn't get to do too much but go to the hospital and to our little apt. so he wants to make it fun. He has invited a few of his friends and made sure that nobody is coming who even has the sniffles. He is very protective of his cousin. So we are looking forward to that. I should have pictures from the day to share. Take care and be safe everyone.

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Katie Lardy said...

Will, It sounds like your Jerome Tigers are playing hard for you. Way to go girls!!!

Glad you got to watch the Big game with friends and family. What a game it was. Very exciting!