Tuesday, February 26, 2008

third installment-the lungs

If you are reading this before the other installments, you might get lost. I suggest that you start at the first installment and read up.

There is a lot of things that happened that wasn't in Will's favor and I am not going to go into the whole operation. There isn't enough space on the blog to take it all in. He had a lot of trouble because he didn't want a machine to breathe for him. He can be so stubborn. Thank God the doctors are even more stubborn. They had no trouble putting the new lungs in and they were a nice fit. Will was having a great deal of difficulty at this time.
Because of several different factors, they could not close up his chest. So at this time, Will has his new lungs and they are open for viewing, YES, I have looked at them. The site isn't pretty, but those lungs sure are. The doctors and nurses were not favoring the outcome of this transplant. They had to tell us to expect the worse. (They did tell us more, but I don't feel Will would want to share a lot of this with everyone. Just understand that he was in very bad shape.

He has been extremely critical since they brought him up to intensive care. We have been with him next to his bed the whole time. His chest is open but they hope, once they get him more stable they will take him back to surgery and close his chest up. Is everyone pretty grossed out about all of this? They have the best educated critical care nurses in the United States right here at the University Hospital. That's another thing I thank God for. They have taken very, very good care and have literally saved his life several times over the last few days. The wonderful specialists that are on Will's case have been here round the clock working on him and watching over him.

Now, I want to share a little testimony here about God's good work. I want to give Him the glory he so deserves. Our friends and family who were here on that long night, got to see an actual miracle. They were telling us that Will has been struggling a long time and we need to "prepare ourselves for the worse." Our friends put Tom, Angel, Aaron and I in a little conference room about 8:30 Sunday morning. We called our church and several people to start praying very hard. Our friends here were praying non-stop. We had many praying all night. The next time the door opened up about 11:00, the doctor stepped in and said that Will was being moved up to intensive care. All we heard was that Will was still alive. She continued on explaining what happened, but for the life of me, I couldn't tell you what else she said. Someday, when this is all over, I should ask her. What a great feeling that was. The whole room erupted in yelling. We were all praising God for the miracle we just got to witness.
The surgeon finally came in and I kept telling him thank you for continuing to work on Will and not giving up. He said he did nothing else but stand next to the operating table and watch. It was all Will's fight and Will wouldn't give up. I hope the readers of this blog know who really was doing the work here. God just wasn't done with Will here on earth yet. Our God is so great. He gave Will the power to fight so hard. Will stayed with us.

So that was on Sunday morning, it is now Tuesday morning and the doctors have told us he is still extremely critical. There is a lot going on with him, but again, I don't want to share everything with you all because I think I will wait and ask Will how much he wants known.

I will continue on the next installment

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