Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday in SLC

Well, we had to come down to SLC earlier than we expected. Will's left arm got an infection in it and they tried a few days on oral antibiotics. It didn't seem to work and he was getting worse so the dialysis center suggested we take him into the ER. We called Dr. Cahill's office and they told us to get down to SLC asap. We left after dialysis and after I got my class ready for a sub. Then we left and got up here around 2 in the morning. We got up early to get in to see the good doc. She told Will that he was going to have a "sleep-over" so everyone can find out what's going on. Will had lots of doctor visits and lab draws and xrays today and we don't know anything yet. He is still going to try and get to his liver specialist tomorrow (Thurs.) morning for his appt. Hopefully we can still get things done at that appt. But, who knows? They have Will on IV antibiotics and I think it's already starting to work. We will let everyone know when they tell us anything. I will for sure blog tomorrow night to tell everyone how that appt. went.

Coach called and told me to remind Will that they have a date to watch the BSU game tomorrow night so he better get home in time.

Please, Will needs prayers for his infection to clear up and for his liver appt. We want them to find something really easy to fix and then on to transplant. AMEN


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