Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday night ---not in SLC

Continuing saga of the life of Will

Well, we have changed our plans again.
First, we are back home tonight. As I told you last night, I came home to get my class ready for a sub for a couple of weeks. I stayed at the school very late and then got up early to go see our baby before I left. Then I got the call from Will saying he's coming home.

This is what happened. He was up for the liver biopsy on Tuesday afternoon.They wanted to keep Will there until the biopsy. One of the docs figured out that Will has had aspirin every day for a long while. They don't want to do any procedure until that has a chance to get out of his system. It works as a type of blood thinner. So we might be waiting for another week or two before they can do that. There was no way that Will was going to wait all that time in the hospital so he advised the docs that he was going home. Dr. Cahill said she couldn't see why not. So I left Hagerman around noon and went back up to the the big city and we drove home tonight. We don't know what day we will have to go back yet. I will put it on this blog when they let us know.

ABOVE: Will was letting her know what those docs did to him.
Kayli wasn't happy about that. Those doctors better watch out.
Just kidding---we have the best doctors ever!

Will was trying to put Kayli to sleep. She's had a busy day....

because it's her first month birthday. Yup, she's one month old today.
She got to dress up for church this morning but she wasn't ready to say goodbye to Grandma because I was leaving to go back to SLC. She let everyone know that she wanted to go with me. Mom doesn't listen too well. I tried to explain it to Angel but---no go.

Here's the happy family getting her in her little front back pack. I wonder what it's called. Anyway, they walk to church on these pretty days. Aren't they a great looking family? Maybe I'm prejudice just a little.

Below: On the way home we stopped by and saw Sarah and her two kids in Tremonton. Will and Sarah didn't get to visit at all at the hospital. They had a good visit. We had lunch at Wendy's. Nothing but the best to celebrate Will's release from the hospital.
We also stopped by Danny and AnnMarie's on the way home. We couldn't stay there too long, for one reason Will needed to get home to his baby; the other reason is because those two are still in the yucky, sweet lovey, dovey honeymoon stage. It was a little toooo much for us but we are happy that those two are so happy.

So once again we wait until they let us know. Waiting isn't what I'm good at but what can you do??? I have all my classroom stuff done for a couple of weeks so I have it easy at school this week. We should know on Tuesday when we go back to Salt Lake. I will let you know.
God has His perfect time for all this to happen. We know He's got everything taken care of for Will.
It was a great Sunday to drive around and Will was very, very happy to crawl into his bed tonight. He'll sleep well for sure.

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Haneys said...

Gosh, I feel like I should start back with the daily checking of this's been almost a week and SO much has happened! Glad the docs didn't hold Will captive. What kind of 1month celebration would that have been for poor baby Kayli? I love, love, love all of the pics you've been including! I'm rearranging my plans and hoping for a visit at the end of the month...just hoping, not real planning...LOVE YOU ALL!