Sunday, September 6, 2009

update early Sunday morning

Will is still in the hospital. I came home to Idaho so I could get all my stuff ready for a sub for next week. Tom stayed with Will in SLC. The docs want Will to stay in the hospital until it's time to do a liver biopsy Tuesday afternoon. This way they can watch his numbers and not put him at risk for anything. I don't know what "anything" is but I'm glad they are being careful. Will sure isn't. He's not happy about being in there at all. They aren't "doing" anything and it's very hard to justify staying in that place for, as Will puts it, "nothing." The doctors say the soonest he could be going home would be the later part of next week. They will have answers about his liver then.

I will go back this morning some time and then maybe we can sneak him out for a drive or something. If any doctors are reading this---I'm only kidding, I would never take him out without permission. wink, wink.

He had dialysis today and they were able to take more off than yesterday so that's good. They gave him another dose of antibiotics with dialysis and then they will give him another on Monday when he has dialysis again.

I will blog tomorrow night and let you know how his day went.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and they do something special. Summer is almost over for all of us, don't waste it. God put this special day just for you. :)


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