Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday night

I know that I said on the blog yesterday that I wouldn't blog until after the procedure on Tuesday ,but these pictures were too cute to wait.
The first was Kayli's first Cowboy game with her Uncle Will.
She was getting "lessons" on what was going wrong in the game. Will was also telling her about the new Cowboys' Stadium, the Stadium's first game was tonight. That thing is massive!!! The loss was very hard to take so Kayli had to go home. It was hard on Uncle Will too. Next week, right Dallas?

Below: Here is our Kayli's good friend, Riann, born just two weeks apart. Megan Osborne brought little Riann back to Hagerman to meet all her hometown people. Trying to get the pictures were so funny. (Kayli is on the right).

Here is Megan (right) and Angel (on the left) with their new additions. We really miss these friends Megan and Curt, but they are doing so well in California. They are happy there but I think they would be happy anywhere.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

So we get up early tomorrow morning and on to SLC. We know God has Will in His hands.
I pray that God blesses you all this week.


Megan said...

Oh Terri what cute pictures! Your little Kayli is such a doll! We totally enjoyed seeing you guys. I have been pouring over your blog this evening because I finally found a second to sit down and catch up on friends!!
Will is totally in my prayers- you guys stay strong and rely on Him.
Love you all, Megan

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