Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Sunday to Everyone!!!

Above is our little girl who has decided to melt our hearts more than she already does because now she can smile. This isn't one of the best, but if I put one of her big smiles on here, everyone will be wanting to go play with her. I have a hard enough time trying to get her to myself as it is.

Below is a picture of her trying to understand why Uncle Will has her doing exercises already.

These are the exercises that she has to do. Uncle Will is such a slave driver.

But she would do anything for Uncle Will.

Below is a picture of Carson and Candace with their bird house that they made. Angel took them down to the Museum in town and they invited the kids in town to make bird houses. They look like they like each other, don't they?

On Sunday, Will was going to spend the day watching all the games even though Dallas doesn't play until Monday night this week. I decided to go with Angel, Carson, Candace and Kayli to watch Aaron race his bike. It was somewhere in the desert by Boise, out in the middle of nowhere. I was very nervous at first but Aaron is a good rider----in fact, he won a first place trophy for his class. Yea!!!!!!!
Here is the trophy and a proud Dad holding his two girls

Here is the number one winner with his number one family.
I'm glad that this was the weekend that Candace was down so she could watch her daddy.

Here he is on the course.

It proved to be a very fun day. I was really praying that I didn't watch any wrecks and God answered. No one was hurt, YEA!!!

So now about Will, we still haven't heard anything from anyone. I am going to start calling docs tomorrow morning and see if I can get anywhere. I will let everyone know when I know something. Will hasn't been doing much lately, just hanging around and going to dialysis. Angel is back to work part time last week and Will and Grandpa got to watch Kayli last week. Will really loved that and I think Grandpa did too. They both did really well. They will be watching her a lot but not on dialysis time. That would be too hard on Kayli. She doesn't like to see Uncle Will poked.
Have a great week, the weather is going to be cooling off some.


Somer Love said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Keep those cute pics coming!

Suzy-Q said...

Hi Will. I didn't get there to harass you today. DANG IT! But don't you worry, I've got your number, and I don't mean cell phone. I'll check in with you again tomorrow. Mason will be home and it might be easier. That little niece of yours- that just so happens to be just days older than my baby- is absolutely the most feminine and beautiful little thing. Don't trade her in the next draft. She's a keeper. I'll call tomorrow!