Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a very fast update

Tauni (our friend and transplant coordinator) called this morning and told us the doctor wants one more set of blood draws to check on how things are clearing out. Our home health nurse, Heather, is coming 10:30 tomorrow morning to do that. Then she gets it to SLC and then they make us wait some more. No, that sounded bitter but really I am not. That's just the way these things go. So I will let everyone know when we know.

Will didn't have a great day today. He was having lots of trouble breathing. They had to take 4.7 liters off and he's hurting so much tonight. It should be lots better in the morning. He goes back in to dialysis tomorrow.

I want to shout out (isn't that what the kids are all saying???) to Tanya, our CF buddy from SLC. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! She is celebrating her one year anniversary of her new lungs today. She is just the sweetest lady and we were all were praying for her last year at this time. She's is just doing great and she wants us to pray for the donor family, because, once again we might be having a celebration but that family is having their own anniversary to get through.

So we get the blood drawn and we wait.

P.S. For all those that said it couldn't be done---It is possible to do the blog and not post a picture of our sweet baby. tadaaa (but, it won't happen often.)


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Miss W said...

Think positively and have faith in good blood draws! The power of the mind and God is all you need.

Terri - I couldn't remember your e-mail, but all we chatted about the other night have taken changed in a positive direction.

Hang in there, Will. We are all pulling for you.