Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday update from SLC

I said that we would probably have a quiet day and we did. Will slept on and off until about 3 this afternoon. His arm is feeling so much better so the meds are working on that. The liver docs are still doing more testing and we probably won't know anything until the first of the week. Will slept through most of Danny (his cousin who just got married) and AnnMarie's visit. They said they would come back tomorrow when he might be able to stay awake more. I don't know when he's going to go down to dialysis tomorrow, but he will get another dose of antibiotics then.

His level of prograf (the anti-rejection med) is slowly coming down so that is good news. We had another good visit with Sarah just before her mom took her home to Tremonton. We might be able to see her on our way home, hopefully. Will and Sarah didn't get to visit at all while she was in the hospital because he wasn't feeling well then.

Kayli called Uncle Will a couple of times to tell him that she's missing him a lot. When I talked to her she cried so I think she misses me the most, just don't tell Will.

We know God is hearing all your prayers and we want to thank you for them. I will blog tomorrow night again.

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