Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday night in Salt Lake City

Well, I don't know what happened. We got down here yesterday evening. Dr. Cahill wanted to see Will before the biopsy so we snuck into a clinic and Tauni and Dr. Cahill came and saw him. She cleared the way to do the procedure but she did say "All this will go away if we just get the blankety-blank kidney." and I agree.

So to make a long story even longer, Will came into the hospital at 9:00 this morning. They took him into same day surgery. He was all preped (or is it spelled prepped???) and Dr. Hutsen, a great liver doctor, started to stick the first needle into his side and Will just started spurting. Dr. Hutsen said that he wouldn't be able to do the biopsy. There is something just underneath his skin that caused his bleeding , don't quite understand it all. It isn't the aspirin because he's been off it for ten days now. They just don't know what happened or why.

They sent us back to the hotel and told us to wait. He said he might be able to do the biopsy another way. Dr. Hutsen said he needed to talk it over with Dr. Cahill what might be the next step. Tonight Tauni called and said they had a long meeting and they decided that they can't figure out what to do. So they told us to go on home because we needed to set up dialysis. So we will be coming home on Wednesday. We know nothing besides what I told you all. What this means for the kidney transplant--we don't know.

After we left the surgery room, we visited some people from the hospital. One of the them was our Sumer Love. She was in the hospital for a two week clean-up. She gets out tomorrow and she looks probably better than I have seen her in years. So Will and she were able to visit a little.
Then we went to the fourth floor, where we spent the biggest part of our time last year. Some of our favorite people were working in ICU. Caroline (you all might remember her as Mama Bear) and everyone. I took pictures and I will put them up here when I get home in the next day or two. We will be glad to be going home without going into the hospital for a few days.
So God protected Will once again, there must have been a very good reason not to do the biopsy. God had his arms around Will for sure, as always.
We will blog when we know anything else. Thanks for the prayers.
God listened.


T*A*N*Y*A* said...

I have been praying so very hard for Will each and every day.. Looks as though they are doing some good!! I continue to keep you all in my paryers.. Love you all so much!!!!

Somer Love said...

So great to see you guys!!! Thanks for the visit! More prayers coming your way Will!