Friday, September 4, 2009

update from SLC

Even just being gone from our little girl for a few days is killing me.
Angel knows that, so she sends Uncle Will, Grandma and Grandpa little pictures on the phone. We love getting them so much. She just has a way of brightening our day. I will share a few with you all. Isn't she the sweetest thing?

Below is her loving her little pink bathtub. She's going to be a fish, I think.
(I know the coloring is bad but it's good enough to get the picture.)

So on to Uncle Will's day, I mean Will's day. He had an ultrasound done of his spleen and liver this morning first thing. Then we tried to make our appt. with the liver doctor. They couldn't see Will because he's now an inpatient. How silly that is. But it did work out well because the special doctor that we needed to see just happened to be the one that's for the hospital patients this week. God just works great things all the time. So he had some tests run and then he came in and saw us tonight after six sometime. He told us a few things that they are looking at and testing for. We don't need to get into all that but they really don't have any definite answers yet about what is causing his liver and spleen to act up. They are going to run a whole bunch of blood work in the morning and that will rule out a lot. Some of the tests results won't be back for a few days so we don't know if we will know anything before they kick us out of here. We really, really like the liver doc. Will and he just hit it off and he's very intelligent. Knows his stuff and we are comfortable with him. Praise God.
His infection in the arm is looking a little better we think, so the antibiotics might be kicking in already. They did do an ultrasound of the arm this afternoon, I know what you're asking yourself (it's the same thing we did)---why didn't they do the two ultrasounds together?? But anyway we did get some good news. There is no blood clot in the arm. YEA!!! It's still really sore and swollen.
Dr Cahill came up and visited a little. I think she misses Will a little. So she says that once we know that his infection is going away we should be able to finish the meds at home. This just might be one of our shorter stays. She said maybe even by Sunday. We have seen a few of our old friends. We miss them but I wish we could see them somewhere else.
We really don't know how the infection got in there and to what extent the damage is but we will by the time everyone is finished with him.
One of his anti-rejection med levels are really high so they are watching that closely also. He didn't have a good day and it could be caused by the med level, the jaundice, the infection, or all the testing that they are doing. Plus he had dialysis today, so he hasn't been able to keep anything down. He didn't even watch the BSU game, but he did TIVO it so he can watch it when we get home.
I know tomorrow will be a much better day. I am so glad this happened on a three day weekend. Besides the blood draws, there shouldn't be that much commotion in Will's room tomorrow. He will have some rest time.
All his old doctors are the ones that are the "floor" doctors this week. How great is that. It's nice not to have to train new doctors.
By the way, Sarah, our transplant friend that you all helped pray for right before Will got his lungs, well, she's on the same floor just two doors down from Will. She had a little pneumonia but she will be going home tomorrow, Thank the good Lord. We have had some good visiting time.
I will post more tomorrow night and let you how much better Will is feeling.

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