Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday night, already the end of August.

Here are the pictures I promised you on Friday. The first two are my favorites. It's hard to capture the "love" that surrounds those two so I will keep trying.

Below: Here is my little girl celebrating my birthday with me. What a present she is!!!!!

Here is Grandpa Tom getting piled on by Candace and Cali.

Curtis and Jen came down for the weekend and it was a great time. Will and Curtis are close and Jen just fits in so well with those two (Heaven help her).

Below: Kayli is telling Uncle Will a story, a story only Uncle Will can hear.

It must have been a funny story, it cracked her up.

And she's still laughing--well, really she's starting to cry, but to me it looked like she was laughing.

Below: Here is Aaron with his girls, no wait, not just girls-Carson stuck his head in at the last minute.

Below: Here is my step-mother, Cherie, helping me celebrate my birthday also. I can't find the picture I took of my dad. I must have deleted it, oops, sorry Dad.

Below: I am sitting outside on our back lawn and the kids, Candace, Cali (Curtis' girl), and Carson. We were watching the lightening show. Kids are so much fun with their imagination.

Below: Here is my little girl playing super"girl"

We had a fun weekend and Will is feeling okay, he feels the best when he's got his little love in his arms. We are going to SLC for a doctor's appt. on Thursday (see the blog before this one). I will blog when we get back from the appointment.


Dixie said...

Boy I can tell Kayli is not one bit loved is she. LOL. I always knew it would take a special girl to get into Wills heart and it looks like he has found her. What great pictures.
Hope everthing goes good with the appointment in SLC.
Will, have you started teaching Kayli how to play basketball yet.

Dixie and James

Miss W said...

What beautiful pictures! (You are looking great, Terri!)

The little bumps in the road make us appreciate just how wonderful our God is to get us over them. Have faith and hang in there.

We are all praying for you.

She's beautiful, Angel!



T*A*N*Y*A* said...

That Little girl is so perfect!!!!