Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday evening

This is the first time we used the new picture for the top of the blog. I hope you will tell me if you like it. Will bought Kayli the little shirt to watch the game tonight. Then they shared the chips (an old friend of ours gave them to us. He's a die-hard BSU fan-thanks Steven). I don't think Kayli got very many of them. Well, the Broncos won tonight--yea. I think half our town went to the games. Go Boise State Broncos.

Now to what's been happening with Will. He spent the the last three days in the hospital. It all started on Wednesday night around midnight. Will was having excruciating pain in his stomach. He was up all night with pain. By 8 in the morning he was wanting us to take him the ER. We were all worried that it might be the spleen or the liver. The pain was way intense.
So we went to Twin Falls, we didn't want to take him all the way to SLC if he was in that much pain. We spent nine hours in the ER and then they decided to admit him because the pain was so bad. He was admitted to his old floor and his old room even. It's been over two years since we have seen those friends on that floor. About four in the morning we had to move to another floor because they needed the suite. So by six in the morning we had a new room. We had never been on the second floor but it was a nice place.

One of the funny things that happen (you know you have to find "funny" in the crazy things so we don't go crazy) was that when we moved down to the second floor at 6 in the morning, after waiting two hours for the transport people, we had a nurse that said he needed to measure all of Will's scars and put them on a drawing of a torso. Why???? I don't know, but if you have seen Will recently you know he has a few. So, an hour later he had the measuring done. Will was not happy about it so he just went to sleep while the nurse was doing that. He was an older nurse so I don't know what he had going on but we have never had to do that before and I can guarantee you that Will won't let it happen again either. That's not the way Will likes his mornings. Come to think of it, Will doesn't like his mornings any way.

Will had a cat scan with contrast done that morning to see how the spleen and liver looked. They all checked out fine except that they were both enlarged considerably but they have been like that for a while now, so nothing new. We had to wait for a few days for some tests to come back but they all came out good except for the high liver tests but we knew that. It all comes down to Will getting a new kidney. I have more to talk about but this blog is long enough already so I will save it for tomorrow on the normal blog

Thought I would share a few pictures. Will didn't want the baby to come up to the hospital because of all the bad bugs around. So she stayed away for almost three whole days but then they popped in right before we got discharged. So his is Will with this little girl for her first visit to a hospital to visit Uncle Will. I pray that she won't spend too much time visiting Will in those hospitals.

Below: Here is the two just staring at each other. I think in the one below, Kayli is singing Uncle Will a song.

Below: Then a few minutes later they were both asleep.
So now we are home and we will await the doctors wishes about the transplant. I did call three different days last week but they still didn't have any answers yet. Soon Will will hear something.
All in God's perfect timing. I will have more patience this week.
We will go to church in the morning and sing His praises for all the things that has been happening in our lives.
I will pray that God pours out His blessings on you all.


Katie Lardy said...

Hugs to you Will!
Terri, that picture is so precious of the two of them sleeping. Thank you so much for sharing the pics and for keeping us updated about Will. It means so much.
I will await more news and in the meantime know that we're thinking about you all and love you!
All our love!
Katie, Paul, and most importantly, Bella!

grandma-LoLo said...

Terri and Will...amazing pictures, amazing family! I think that baby girl has Uncle Will wrapped around her little finger...Taner and Jenny will be home for a visit the end of October, we would love to come see you Will. God Bless!

T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Oh I like the top picture!! Im glad you made it through those 3 days in the joint.. Will and that perfect lil baby have such a special connection.. They are so cute together!!!
Best wishes to you all!! Hope you hear some tx news soon!.

Love ya bunches!