Wednesday, October 28, 2009

home sweet home

This picture just can stand by itself as the cutest baby ever.
Oh, my gosh, I have turned into THAT Grandma---sorry.

Will got out of the hospital just in time to get over to the dialysis center for our training. We were able to get him to the driest weight yet. I hope we have the pain issue under control as we will see in the next couple of days. Will was just getting home when he had visitors waiting for him. It was great to see these three girls. He coached them his last real year of coaching. They were very special to him and now they are all in college training to be teachers. Wow, it's hard to believe. They didn't stay long enough, but Will was really tired and I think they saw that. Coach Clark and Brent came over to say hi to the girls and welcome Will back home. So everyone was gone in about 30 minutes and then Will just unwound.

Cute girls with one cute guy.
Molly, Jordan, and Kabina
Thanks for the visit, I know Will really enjoyed seeing you three.

We will be continuing with the training and we really think this is working well for Will, having dialysis six times a week, for a little shorter time. It's not so hard on the body. Can't wait until we can start training at home. My boss is so good about letting me have three afternoons a week for training. Everyone has been stepping up to help me out in the classroom. I have said it before, but Bliss is just the best school in the world!!! I love everyone there.
Tom and Will are having withdrawals. Kayli hasn't been over because Grandpa can't watch her when Will is in the hospital. So they had two days alone. They were both miserable. Kayli came over tonight and stayed awhile so everyone had a Kayli fix.
It's getting very cold out already and Halloween is this weekend. It's hard to believe. Time flies when you're having so much fun.

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