Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday night

My Sister from California brought to my attention that I didn't post this on Sunday night. I must have not hit the right button or something. Anyway, this was Sunday's blog. SORRY. Thanks, Mickey. love ya

Well I promised on Friday that I would post more pictures, so here they are. We didn't get many with Uncle Will and Kayli. Mainly Will had a tired Sunday so he slept a lot. We had Kayli all day because mom and dad went to the motorcycle races. It was tooooo cold for Kayli so we got her. Great day for us. What an absolute joy it is to be Grandparents! We feel very blessed. We took her to church this morning and I think Grandpa pinched her so he could take her downstairs with the older kids at Sunday school I'm on to his ways. Poor Kayli.

Here is Uncle Will singing Kayli to sleep. Isn't she precious, what a great gift from God she is for this family!

Will is still suffering from the knee blister. It looks awful and we have to keep the dressing on until Wednesday. I hope it is healing up. So really there is no new news except what I shared on Friday. Please pray for Dr. Hutsen to give us a call early this week with good news that we can proceed with the kidney transplant. Our good Lord knows how much Will needs it.

I hope everyone has a great week and I will post a blog as soon as someone calls me, hopefully the first of this week.

Kayli in her purple pj's. She's all toasty warm.

Here I think Kayli is thinking of something to do to Grandpa. She kind of looks a little mischeveous, doesn't she?

I don't know what she's thinking here. It's just a funny face shot.


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