Tuesday, October 27, 2009

wonderful week and wonderful weekend and the promised pictures

We had a crazy week and even crazier weekend. Lots and lots of company just stopping by. These pictures are not in the right order but at least I got some of them on here.

Will is doing better and we hope to get him home tomorrow sometime. They need to find a pain med that he can take at home so we don't have to keep doing this. He has such a funny (not ha ha funny, but strange funny) reaction to meds anymore. Could be from the liver???

I will blog tomorrow night and tell you all how he's doing.

Now on to the pictures that I promised you. There is even some with Will on here.

This is just a cute picture of Kayli getting ready for the big game.

Here are the three cousins that were watching the Dallas game on Sunday. Shannon came down from Mnt. Home for the day and they just laughed and yelled and cursed (not with Kayli in the room). They came out at half time because it was such a beautiful day. The Cowboys were winning and Kayli needed some air.

Happy days. The guys had a great time just hanging together.

The next two pictures are of Katie Rose, her sweet baby, Bella Rose, and sis, Shane. They all stopped in because they were in town for my good friend's Susan's (their mom) birthday.
It had been a long time since we have seen them also.

Bella was fascinated with Kayli. Poke

Here is a good friend, Camille, with her new husband that we haven't met yet. Will likes him because he's a Dallas fan. I like him because he's got a good smile. It was so good to see Camille again. We hadn't seen her in over a year. They live in Pocatello and just stopped by for a minute.

Kayli had a very busy sports weekend. First we had the big BSU game and we won!

Then the next picture is the outfit for the Cowboys game--and we won!

Then the last outfit change was for the Yankees and they won!!!

I think it might just be winning because she looks so darn cute in the outfits.

By the way, Uncle Will bought all the outfits for her. He's the best Uncle.

Here is cousin Danny, with his wife, AnnMarie and her two kids, Jaycee and Tucker.

they came down on Friday night, after Will's other cousin, Joe, left on Friday morning. It was so much fun to have them here and they helped get the house ready for the dialysis program that we have set up. Also they moved furniture around so Will can start doing a little exercise program. Thanks so much guys.

We started out the week with a visit from my nephew, Joe, and his wonderful family. They came up from California to see Nino, it's spanish for god-father. Willie is Fath's god-father and very proud to be. She is something else. Very, very entertaining and loved to visit with Nino

Here is Faith with Kayli, I think she just scared the daylights out of her. Look at her eyes, or maybe it was that doll that looked ready to attach???

Here is a sweet picture of my mom, in the middle with her California gang.

Joe, Lisa, Mom, Faith and Jodi

The whole gang. Talk about a melting pot.

Here's a picture of Will with them.

There's cousin Joe in the back then Lisa, his step-daughter, Will, Faith, and Jodi, Joe's wife.

Faith and Nino relaxing together which is strange because she can't really relax---ever.

Here is a picture of Nino with Faith just hamming it up.

Below is a picture of four generations.

My mom, Eileen, is holding baby Kayli.

Angel is holding me.

AWWWWWWWW how sweet.

So hope you enjoy the pictures and again I can't say enough about how blessed we are to have such wonder, caring friends and family. I can't imagine this journey without you all.

God is so good to us.

God Bless


Haneys said...

Great pictures!! Hope you are getting excited for trick-or-treaters...is Kayli dressing up? Can't wait to see pics of that!!!

Haifaa said...

It's beautiful. Thanks!

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