Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rainy night in Salt Lake City-

Here we are on the fifth floor of the U of U. It's a little after one in the morning. It was a busy day with lots of tests. But we got into the hospital in time to watch the BSU team whip Tulsa. Go Boise Broncos! People kept interrupting Will but he got to watch a big portion of the game. He did have his BSU shirt on and we thought of our good friends, Curt and Megan, in California. They probably they had their shirts on too as well as most of our friends.

When we got here we went to do labs, xrays, and PFTs. Then Dr. Cahill called in a favor and got us right in to see a dermatologist for these blisters that he's been having. The dermatologists all came into Will's tiny exam room to look him over because nobody could figure out where these blisters are coming from, but they know they need to be addressed so they did two punch biopsies and we should have some answers tomorrow afternoon about those. Dr. Cahill even came down to their office to see what they were doing to "her guy."

Will's PFTs (lung function tests) were down but that's probably because he's overloaded with fluid again. He will do dialysis in the morning. Right now he's in a lot of pain that just started late tonight. We will be going down in an hour or two for a CAT scan with contrast to see what might be wrong with his belly. So no sleep for the wicked tonight.

We haven't seen the kidney doctor or the liver doctor, but knowing Dr. Cahill and her wonderful staff, we will be seeing them tomorrow for sure. They really know how to get things done. I will blog tomorrow night with tests results, and hopefully, results from doctors visits.

Will really misses his little girl, he got kind of use to playing with her everyday. So they talk on the phone. Well, Will does most of the talking but this way she won't forget her Uncle's voice. It's cute. I better go and help Will, he has to drink that nasty stuff for the CAT scan.

The Lord answered my prayers for more patience. He sent me a little, let's see if it's enough to get me through tomorrow. If not, I hope someone can come bail me out. Just kidding.

Our God IS an awesome God.


Coach said...

I don't know anyone that would bail you out except Donna. (your wine drinking buddy)
If you can get them to give Will the ok for a new kidney go ahead and let them throw you in for a month or two it would be worth it for the new kidney and Tom will get a little vacation at the same time. Everyone is a winner !!!
Let Will know I have an idea for us to get even with Kim. I'll share it with him when he gets home.
Good luck with the tests.

Miss W said...

I'm with Randy. I'll even come visit you and bring a file- infused cake!

Hang in there, Will. The bumps in the road only make us fight harder and inevitably make us stronger. You are going to be the Incredible Hulk by the time this is done.

You are loved and always in our prayers.