Friday, October 9, 2009


Here's the newest picture. The guy in red holding Kayli is none other than her Uncle Will.
Isn't this the sweetest face ever??? Oh, I think I have said this already, huh?

All week, and nothing from SLC. I know how many of you are waiting to hear and so are we. We just have to be patient some more..............Lord give me strength.

Will has been having a lot of trouble with water blisters this last couple of weeks. We don't know why. But he has a really, really bad one on his knee. It covers most of his kneecap. It makes walking very, very difficult and painful. We had a wound nurse come out this morning and dress it. It was nasty. It might take a month to heal when you are as compromised as Will is.

My school had so many cases of the flu that we had to close today. Don't worry, I am using lots and lots of hand sanitizer. So I got a three day weekend and I was so excited about watching Kayli all day today. Well, with the wound nurse spending almost 1 1/2 hours with Will, I didn't get lots of time with her. Then I had to take her in and meet Angel because Kayli had to go get her two month shots--three of them. I don't want to watch that ever again. People think I am so tough but I cried like a baby when I saw the nurse stick her three times. I put out a "hit" on the nurse but don't tell anyone. lol Angel did well, even if she kept her eyes shut.

I received a short call from the liver doc, Dr. Hutsen's nurse this evening. She just told us that she thinks Dr. Hutsen will call us the first of next week. He is waiting on another doc to get back to him. I don't know what kind of doctor or why, but I'm sure I will know when he calls (I so want to put the word "finally" at the end of this sentence, but I won't). Tauni, Dr. Cahill's nurse called to check on Will and she told me that Dr. Cahill will try to reach Dr. Hutsen and find out what's going on. So maybe next week for news on whether Will can proceed with the kidney transplant or have to do something about his liver first. ???????? I feel like I'm writing a soap opera and I keep having you all "hang on" until next week to find out what's happening. I'm sorry about that.

Will's Grandma Cherie had a birthday this week and we all wanted to say HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her. She's such a sweet lady. We love you lots, Grandma. See you soon.

I will get pics up on Sunday. Have a great weekend.