Tuesday, October 13, 2009

News from SLC

Dr. Cahill's chief, Tauni, called and told us that Dr. Cahill wanted Will down so they can run some tests and see what's going on with those blisters. We will "probably" be admitted and then run the tests. So we will leave early tomorrow morning, Wednesday, and go from there. He will run a PFT, Xrays, and labs before he goes in. He's not too happy about it but what can we do??

Let me just say for the record..I have the best boss in the whole world. He just tells me not to worry about my job, take care of Will first. I am very, very blessed to work in the best school in Idaho.

BUT.... Maybe while we are in we can "accidentally" bump into Dr. Hutsen (liver doc) and get some answers. Accidentally might mean sitting on his car in the parking lot. Lord forgive me now, I'm a desperate mom.

Kayli and Uncle Will were having this incredible, deep conversation (I think it was something to do with a sponge named Bob maybe??? I really don't know because they don't include me in the conversations). She was looking so enthralled that I just had to take this picture. I think she would believe Uncle Will even if he told her something so silly like Yankees are going to win the World Series (that was a dig just for Coach, all you other Yankee fans, I apologize).

I will update when we know something. Pray for Will and for God to bring me patience....I'm all out.

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