Thursday, July 30, 2009


We are home from the big city. We had to have Will at the University by 8:00 (he wasn't a happy camper) and we went from there. We saw the head nurse for kidney transplant. She was nice but she's not like our Tauni or Kelly. Then we went in to a small room and they see us in there. First it was Dr. Raphael, he was our kidney dr. in the hospital so we know him very well. He really likes us and we really like him. Then we saw the social worker to make sure Will has all the help to get by after surgery and that he really wants the surgery. She had to ask all those silly questions.
We met the head kidney doc and he explained that there are a lot of factors to decide with Will's case so they will meet with all the team and discuss the pros and cons.

So Will told the doctors how much he wants this to happen. Then they had a list of tests to be done. After the doctor looked them all over, he found out that Will had had all of them just recently so he didn't have to do any tests today. That worked out really well. If they decide that Will can have the transplant, then they will order a couple more but he can do those up here in Twin Falls or Boise. We will post the next step when we know it.

Then we got to leave by noon. We stopped at a couple of stores on the way home and ate a good meal at Applebee's. Will was hungry after all that. The doctors did tell us that we don't have to wait two weeks to find out because the blood work that takes time, was already done a few weeks ago.. They will be able to tell us by Friday. I don't know if that's good or bad. But I will post a blog when we find out, for sure. Please pray for Will.

Our little baby Kayli didn't come while we were gone to SLC because she listened to Grandma and besides she still has a few weeks. We wait for God's timing in all of this, right?


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