Friday, July 24, 2009


Our God is an AWESOME GOD!!!!
I know this to be true for all the wonderful miracles He has shown us in Salt Lake, but He has once again shown his love and mercy. My friend, who I asked all of you to pray for last night and this morning, has shocked and surprised us all. She had exploratory surgery and has come out of it with no worries. What a miracle. Things weren't looking so good, and I asked all of you to pray for her. The doctors looked all over and they found nothing cancerous. What a wonderful blessing. I want to thank each and every one of you that prayed for her to get through this. They didn't hold up much hope, but our God is so good and He knows how this lady is needed by her family. Now we will be celebrating a long life for her.
Please go into our blog on the homepage on the right hand side and go to Curt and Megan's blogspot. It will show you a picture of a most beautiful baby. They are sure missed here in Hagerman but I think they are having a wonderful life in California. CONGRATULATIONS BABY RIANNE AND WELCOME TO THIS CRAZY WORLD. she's ALMOST A WHOLE DAY OLD.

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