Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12th middle of the summer

Wow, summer is going so quickly.

On Saturday Angel and I went to two different showers. The first was Angel's baby shower given by Aaron's mom and two sister-in -laws. It was held in Boise and a lot of work went into it. They even had a chocolate fountain because they knew how much Angel liked chocolate. It was so sweet (not pun intended) of them and, of course, she got a lot of baby stuff, including diapers, which she needed.
Here is some family from Boise:

left to right; Billie ( Angel's cousin) Aunt Karen, Christi, (Angel's cousin), Maegan (Angel's cousin)
Angel, Aunt Gloria and me, the proud Grandma.

Here are the little ones that came to share Angel's shower with her.
l to r: Ash (she helped so much with the shower), Candace, Sadie, and Coby.

Here's the four cousins hamming it up for the camera. They couldn't get their hands around Angel anymore. They thought that was funny. (Angel didn't)

The next shower that we went to was the shower for the bride-to-be, Christi. She is my niece and I am very proud of her. She is being married next Saturday. We met at a dinner club in downtown Boise and had some good fun. Yes, she is sporting a pink nightie over her clothes. We made her wear her gifts if she could. She is going to make a beautiful bride.

Sorry there are no pictures of Will this week.
He had a wonderful visit with a good friend of his, Katie Rose and her husband, Paul and her little 7 month old baby, Bella. I forgot my camera, I have got to get that thing tied around my neck, I think.
I thought at the beginning of the summer that by the middle of the summer we would be almost ready for a kidney transplant. Boy was I off, although it is now closer than it was a week ago. Will did pass his echo stress test (he told me he studied really hard for that). This is how our week will go: Next Thursday we will go up to Salt Lake after dialysis. Then Friday at 8:30, he will do dialysis in Ogdon and then go on to the U of U and do a PFT (lung function test). After that is done we will go see Dr. Cahill. She wants to see how he is doing having four dialysis treatments a week-if they are helping him. Will informed me that he doesn't care if his PFT's are just 1%--he is NOT going into the hospital this time. Since he's gotten out of the hospital in January, he has had to go into the hospital after clinics everytime.
There is a reason for that, WEDDINGS. On Saturday, in Salt Lake, Will's cousin, Danny is marrying the most wonderful person, AnneMarie. You should all remember the story about how they met when Will was so sick in SICU and AnneMarie was Will's respiratory therapist. How romantic. So they really need Will to be there. They will get married at 11:00 am. We will be there for that fun, for sure.
Then about noon, we will have to leave because Will's other cousin, Christi, is getting married in Boise at 7:00. We will be able to make it in time, it's about a five hour trip. It will be a long day for Will but he should be okay. He can sleep all the way. Angel and Aaron are going with us too. That's the one we will be worried about. The doctor told her that she will be able to travel just as long as she gets out of the car every hour and walks around. We will do that for sure.
We have made an appt. for Will to see the kidney transplant team on the 11th and 12th of August (that's the earliest they have). Then they will run a bunch of tests and he will meet the surgeon and everybody else. They want him for "classes" for four hours on what to expect from transplants. We are going to ask if he can skip out on those. He pretty much knows all the ins and outs of it by now, I think.
We will be needing traveling prayers for our trip and if you could pray for Angel to make it just fine, that would be appreciated. We are all looking forward to this week. I love weddings.

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