Sunday, July 19, 2009

super trip

What a nasty person I am, making you all wait until Sunday. Will told me to do it though. He didn't want to put anything on it until Sunday about the clinic visit because he wanted to let a few people know in person. It was such great news.


(I feel like a suspense writer because this is how

they do it. They get you hooked, anticipating the ending.)

We went to the Salt Lake clinic on Friday afternoon after having done dialysis Friday morning. Will had an xray, labs, and a PFT (pulmonary function test-the test that tells you how well the lungs are working).

Then we went to see Dr. Cahill. Will was the last thing on her "to do" list that day. None of the nurses were around or anything so Dr. Cahill had to even do nursing duty. She can do it all..

We knew that Will's PFT's would be better this time. His last one two months ago was a FEV1 (that's just one of the results that test shows, but it's the one the doctors look at first) of 24 %. So we knew Will would be blowing better. We were hoping for a few percentage points, Will really wanted a 30% and I thought that was pushing it a little. WELL (now the drum roll please.......(I really wish I had a sound for a drum roll. This is a perfect place to use it) back to the drum roll.......) Will blew a 38%. YES, THAT'S RIGHT!!!!!! 38%!

We are thinking that might be the highest he has blown in over ten years, maybe more. We are trying to find the records to compare. So the dialysis four times a week is really working. His xrays were looking much better too. That also shows how much Will can improve if he got his kidney. Dr. Cahill is calling the kidney transplant team on Monday to "get the ball rolling a little quicker." Will was really strutting his stuff after that. He's even talking about buying himself a huge present to celebrate. No, not a big screen TV, he already has one of those. I will let you know when he decides..another suspense for you all. So Dr. Cahill was really, really pleased, and we all know-when Dr. Cahill is happy, everybody is happy. So we all left feeling really well.

The weekend was a lot about traveling but it was also about family. Here is a great picture of part of our family Sunday afternoon at Olive Garden.

below: Here is a picture of our little Brianna not really sure about
getting into the pool with "Uncle Will last week."

(For all you medical people reading this-Will is in the shady part of the little pool. So he is staying out of the sun. He's okay) It was harder getting Will into the pool than Brianna.

We have many pictures from our travels this weekend but I want to put them on tomorrow or the next day. If I did it now, it would take away from the "good news" and it would take a long while getting them all to download. The two weddings were wonderful although both of them were very, very hot. We wouldn't have missed it for the world. More on them next time.
Miracles are still happening in Will's life and we appreciate all the prayers that were sent to our Heavenly Father for Will. Thank you for the love also.


Miss W said...

What wonderful news! (I'm doing a happy dance now.) Baby steps!

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Can't wait to see pics of that new baby soon.

Hugs and blessings

T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Oh my.. Im doing a happy dance just like Miss W below.. Im so excited for Will!! Congrats!!!!!

Somer Love said...

YES!!!!! Awesome job Will! Woop Woop!!!!!

Nichole Rammell said...

congrats!! i always knew you were full of hot air!! love ya!