Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friday's update

Boy this has been a busy week for the blog. Haven't seen this much action in a long time.

Ann, the kidney transplant coordinator, called at 8:00 this morning and said, "We're not saying no but we're not saying yes either."
I asked her what that meant and she said that the panel (to decide on the transplant) was very worried that Will is such a high-risk surgical candidate. They want to do a special blood test for antibodies, they are looking for special antigens that might make matching donors tougher.

So they will take his blood at dialysis next Monday or Tuesday and then send it back to SLC and in a couple of weeks they will let Will know. So, now we wait. Doesn't this all sound familiar????? So we aren't sure of anything still.

Will just keeps on doing what he does. He has a wedding to go to on Saturday morning before dialysis. Coach Clark's son, Tyson, is marrying a great girl, Hannah. Then sometime this weekend, we want to get the boat out.

Please continue praying that the doctors will allow Will to have his transplant. He is absolutely sure that the risk is worth it. So I should have some pictures up on Sunday night of the weekend.

Angel's due date, Aug. 14, is s l o w l y getting closer. I asked my boss if I could have the first couple of weeks off from school so I can play at being a Grandma---he's still laughing. Little does he know that I wasn't teasing. She's due just two days before I have to go back to school. I think it's only fair. They give maternity leave, they give paternity leave also, so it's only fair that they give grandmaternity leave too. Maybe I will write my congressman.

In the meantime--God bless and thanks for the prayers. We know God has the perfect plan for Will. So we "LET GO AND LET GOD!"


Dixie said...

I am hoping you can get your kidney transplant but this time try and do everything by the transplant book and not the Will Harbison way to go thru a transplant book please.
Teri you are right they should give grandparents leave it does only seem fair.

Jessica said...

Hey Terri,
We will continue our prayers for Will. It was SO good to see all of you! Please send him my love...
Rub Angel's belly for me too... it won't be long!
Enjoy every moment! That little one is so lucky to have a grandma like you.
XOXO from FL