Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday the day after the Fourth

It's Sunday and it's summer, what a great day we have had. But first I forgot to tell you all what Will did for the Fourth. Now you have to remember last year we were in the hospital still and the nurses let Will get out of bed and they took him to a room with a lot of windows. We were hoping that he could see some of the many fireworks over Salt Lake. He couldn't see anything and it was very depressing. But now this Fourth he went out on his boat a little bit before dark and we set off our own fireworks out onto the river. He was really loving it. It was a full moon and what a great couple of hours we had. Angel, Aaron and Candace went with us along with our neighbors, Victoria and Jax. We are so blessed to live in the beautiful valley that we do.

But I did forget to let everyone know what we found out about Will's test last week. Well, we found out nothing yet(go figure). I think everyone probably took the whole week off for the Fourth of July holiday. Couldn't find anyone who had answers. But first thing Monday morning I will be calling everyone all over again and try to get somewhere. We need to get a move on with this transplant so Will doesn't have to have his whole life going around dialysis and his renal diet (not a good thing). So if I find something out, I will blog asap.

So back to our great weekend.
We had Shannon (Will's cousin from Mountain Home) come over for a few hours. He brought two of his three kids. Jack and Amiah. They were so darn cute. I didn't get a picture though. They really kept us entertained. Then we had the Andrus' clan come over. They were raised with Will and Angel as best friends. Now their children are my best friends. Below is the dinner we had--adults were inside and the kids were out on the patio. Then a unfriendly bee came and brought a lot of tears so I decided I needed to sit with them outside, to protect them of course. I think I had a better time than those boring adults did inside the air conditioned house. Aren't they so wonderful???

Here is Will with all the little ones. Great picture.

Below is the picture of all of them that came to dinner. We did have a full house and I loved it. Will had a great time visiting with them all. Angel's tummy is getting big huh??? Soon, maybe five weeks left.

I hope everyone had as great a holiday weekend as we did. Tomorrow is dialysis and so the week begins. We have a real good friends named Megan and Curt who are expecting any day now. They just moved to California and we miss them lots. Please pray for the family and the exciting new addition, it's a girl also. We love you guys.

Please also pray for the "speediness" of the doctors and techs so Will can get his new kidney.

Thank you all and GOD BLESS. Our God is so good to us.

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Megan said...

We love you guys SO much too! Thank you for your prayers, we are VERY excited to meet our little girl!
Miss you tons,
Megan and Curt:-)