Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Midweek update 7/22/09

Now I did promise you all some pictures of our crazy wedding trip. First to Salt Lake and then on to Boise all in one day. Will and Angel didn't have any trouble with the drive. The heat did bother both of them and I got a great picture of them cooling off at the hotel-both of them with their shirts up over their bellies laying on the couch. Trust me-I won't be putting that one on the blog. They would both shoot me, but it was funny.

Before I start on about the weddings, let me tell you some good news. Remember how I wrote that we wouldn't be able to start the big tests done in Salt Lake until the middle of August. Well, after Dr. Cahill saw how Will has improved just by doing the dialysis four times a week, she knows Will would be so much better when he gets the new kidney. So she did her little magic and we have an appt. for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. I don't know how she does it, but people listen to her. I will put more on what's going to happen on Sunday when I do the regular blog.
Now the first set of pics are from the Boise wedding of our niece, Christ and Ryan Wilcox. It was in their backyard and it was beautiful. The wedding was at 7:00 pm. . The only downer was the heat, it hit a new record of 105! It didn't stop the "love" flowing though. I got to visit with a lot of my family that I haven't seen in a while. Everyone was having a fantastic time.

Christi and Ryan Wilcox
They make such a beautiful couple.

So in love.

Above: Will is with Christi (the bride)
and an old friend of theirs, Ashley. Will hasn't seen her in years.
Below: Just Christi and Will, they have always had a special bond. They are only a month apart and have grown up together.

Below: This is the happy family. The boys, Noah and Elliott, and the newlyweds. Ryan is going to be a great step dad. The boys love him already.


This is the first wedding on Saturday morning(I got the pics mixed up).
Danny and AnnMarie Kenison
Don't they make a sweet looking family.
They are both so, so happy and you can see it in their faces.

Above: the newlyweds with Anne's two kids, Jaycee and Tucker
Danny loves them so much already.
He's going to make a great step-daddy.
They got married in a beautiful park. It was very casual except for the
wedding party. They did take the tux and dresses off as soon as the special ceremony was over. Everything was beautiful and then they had ribs for everyone. Will was in heaven.

below: Here is where they are toasting (notice everyone is in the shade)
so "toasting" is a good word. They brought Will up with them because they
were telling how they met (through Will at the hospital, but you all probably have heard the story by now) and
through the terrible times-good things can happen. It was
verrrrry moving-maybe I cried a little bit but then so did everyone else.

AnneMarie is in red and then her parents and Danny's parents and Will and then last but not least-Danny on the right. Isn't he cute??? Big ol' tough major in the Air Force and he's got tears in his eyes. Big softy.

Below: Angel and Will admiring our newest great nephew-Cooper.
He belongs to our niece, Brenda (Danny's sister).

Below: They are still trying to get Danny's emotions under control.
Will doesn't care because look who's getting all the love!
I think AnneMarie loves Will the best.

Below: Did we mention how hot it was? At 11:00 am-96 degrees.
Little sister is trying to keep Will out of the sun.

So there are some great pictures and I hope you enjoyed all of them.
I would like to ask special prayers for a friend of ours (I won't put her name on here because I didn't ask her first, God knows who you're praying for.. ) She's going through some terrible medical problems and we just need to pray for God's special healing for her today (Thursday) as she goes in for surgery. She needs all of us praying today. Thank you so much.
God's Love is all around and I hope you all feel it as strongly as I do.

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Nichole Rammell said...

great pictures. so i recognized ryan wilcox. i am pretty sure he lived in the dorms with me at isu. small world!!