Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday update

Will had to go in to the hospital yesterday after some testing. Some of his numbers from tests they did on Monday were not good, so Dr. Cahill wanted to err of the side of caution and put him in until she could run more tests. She said he has gone sour so many times and so quickly that she just doesn't want to take any chances and we understand that, even though the hospital was the last place we expected to be because Will is doing so great. He feels better than he has since surgery. You just never know. It was really hard to leave Tom and Will back there but I had to get back and get ready for the sub and pay the taxes. Uncle Sam doesn't take any excuses, ya know?

Most of the tests have come back so what needs to be done may be able to be done at home. It looks like I might be able to go back to Salt Lake after school tomorrow and pick my guys up and bring them home, just in time for Will's birthday. The last two years Will hasn't been able to spend his birthday at home and he was really looking forward to it this year. So when he got slammed in the "joint" (I'm using the word like our good friend Sumer) he was really, really, really upset (and that's putting the term nicely). So he must have paid off Dr. Cahill to let him go home in time for his birthday. I don't care how he did it, just that he did do it.

So this is good news, there is one hitch. There is one more test that we are waiting for the results. They will be back about 11:00 tomorrow morning. If those are okay, and I'm sure they will be, he will be home by midnight tomorrow night.

As always, I will keep all you wonderful friends and family informed of his doings. Please pray they his body is just fine and that Will can come home tomorrow.



Coach said...

Will, I am counting on you being home tomorrow for you birthday and the Yankee's home opener. It will be a great day to celebrate your birthday and watch the Yankees. Lindsey is coming down from Boise.
I hate to tell you this but Kim has already put your new football on e-bay.
PLease. please, please, keep it locked up or she will have it sold.
See you tomorrow.

Miss W said...

Hang in there, Will. You are doing so well that this is nothing. Pray, pray, pray!

Happy early birthday if the memory fails : ) (Don't go there, Randy!)


Jessica said...

We are thinking about all of you!!!! Wish we were there to celebrate with you... but we can always have a party this summer!
Can't wait to see the pictures...