Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 2, 2009 Thursday

If you haven't read the previous blog entry, then please go do it now. It's got some pretty important news on there. The second piece of amazing news is that yesterday was April Fool's Day and Will did not play one prank on anybody. I waited all day and nothing... For all of you that know him well, you know that's just not him. Maybe he's saving it up for next year.

Will is doing okay. It seems that he's coughing more the last couple of days. Maybe he's getting the junk from the pneumonia out and that's good. Tom's been sick with a bad cold so he's staying away from Will as much as possible.

Today is dialysis and hopefully they will get more off than last time. Will started cramping so they had to stop pulling fluid off but they had more to get off. They said they will catch up today. This dialysis is crazy business and the diet is worse. He did walk on the treadmill yesterday and stayed out and visited with company for a long while.

There has been some crazy, crazy sicknesses going around-really different things. So please pray for our friends and family and let's get these bugs under control, with God's help of course. Tom's brother, Jack, is out of the hospital, Thank God. That pneumonia is hard on everybody.

We were going to go to the Jerome Lady Tiger's banquet tonight but Will just wasn't feeling well. He slept most of the afternoon. Today will be better, specially after dialysis.

Our good friends, The Whites, have been gone on vacation in Arizona for the last couple of weeks. Visit their blog (you can find it on our main page). They have been doing fun, fun stuff. Then they found a boyfriend already for our new little dog, Roxie. It's a must see. They will be home tomorrow. We miss them. It will be very hard for them to come back to the cold weather that we have been having here in Idaho.

God bless and keep you healthy.


Toni Mendive said...

Congratulations one and all! Don't worry, Will, your family's little princess will be telling everyone what her special colors are before you know it, and believe me, everyone will listen!
My best to everyone and stay well.

marlene7038 said...

Hang in there Will, still tinking about you and praying for you.