Thursday, April 30, 2009

April30, 2009

Everything is still going great. Not much has been happening here. Will is still trying to exercise as much as he can. The weather is still crummy and we want to go out in our boat so we are pouting right now. I hear the weather will be changing next week for the better though. So, watch out fish---here we come.

Nothing much has been happening here. Angel is getting bigger and bigger. She's not that happy with it, but I sure am. I will get an updated picture as soon as I can.

I hope your week is going well.


Jessica said...

XOXO to all! Can't wait to see that belly Angel... part of what I miss from not being home!
So great to hear that Will is doing so well...
Not sure if you heard but I had two moles that were pre-cancerous, both have been removed and stitches just came out. At my visit this week they said the margins were clear... so now just have those 3 month check ups to make sure nothing else pops up.
However, then I went to our family practice and she want to do an EKG because my pulse has been 48 the last two visits.
Hopefully, it is nothing and we can move on from here... but please say a few prayers for me.


Megan said...

Yes!! We want belly pictures of Angel!!

We will be waiting......

Love;-) Megan and Curt

Culley's said...

This is such a great picture of you. You look so healthy & happy.
Hope the weather straightens out & you can get back out there fishing. I still remember that catfish you caught off the dam -when you, Coby, & Pace were young.
Those old fishermen there by us were impressed. Too bad you couldn't see it because you were trying to pull it up a concrete wall-but we did. When it broke water it was huge and broke the line. The mouth looked about a foot wide to where the whiskers started. The old guys mouths were dropping. Ode to the fisherman- the one that got away.