Monday, April 20, 2009


This is one of those priceless pictures.
Imagine where we were this time last year.

Here is us just cruisin' the river. We let Will drive(like we could have stopped him)
and he did pretty good. We just had to tell him which way to turn and things went so smoothly.

This is a picture of Will and Riley. The Whites (our neighbors) went with us and showed us lots of things we need to know about. We don't know much about boating but we are very eager to find out. There is so much we need to learn but we love it already. It's everything we thought it would be and then some.

Below: This is Will just chillin' Doesn't he look great?
When I said chillin' I really meant it. It had to be 30 degrees out there after the sun went down but finally Will was able to be cool. He's always too warm.

We didn't get started until 7:30 Sunday evening and we knew we only had less than an hour of daylight left. We just wanted to try it out and see how the boat felt. Well, it felt great.
There was a little bit of excitement right away to start with though.
We were just learning how to unload the boat and we saw a little boat capsize with five people in it. Then a lady fishing on the bank came running over and said there was a baby on board. Tom and Richard White got the boat in very fast and went to help them. They were very lucky to have capsized over a sand bar. The baby was on the shoulders of her mom. Anyway they would have been fine without us there, very cold but they would have made it. I was very nervous that this maiden voyage would not be starting out well, but everything was fine after they all got back to shore and Tom and Richard were able to go get their things out of the river. Then we just got on our boat and took off. Needless to say, I was really angry at this mother that would put her three month old with five other people on a boat that holds 3 people and get this....without a life vest on. I really thank God that He sent an angel to watch over that little baby.
Anyway...after that bit of excitement, the boat ride was very relaxing. It was so fantastic to see Will's face because he was having a great time on the water. I'm sure we will be putting lots more pictures on here of the boat trips.

I can't put into words how blessed we feel right now. Lots and lots of good things happening to our family and we know to thank God and praise Him for them all.