Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9, 2009 Thursday

I was looking back at the pictures that I put on the blog last time and I was just amazed how well Will is looking. He is doing so much better. Thank you all for coming in and just checking on him still after all this time. Will is very lucky to have all of you praying and thinking about him.

On Monday night Will went to Coach's to watch the championship NCAA playoffs. They weren't as exciting as some of the other games that led to this night, but Will sure enjoyed watching with Coach.
Tuesday was dialysis and nothing much goes on those days. They said his phosphorus is very high so that means Will is cheating a little tooooo much on his diet. We will have to make him start following orders better.
Will has been using his Wii fit for his exercises and it seems to be helping him a lot. Then he challenges his dad to some of the games. It's been well worth the money. I will try to get them on a video so you all can laugh.

We are planning a road trip for this weekend by going up to see family (Cousin Brenda and Lance who are expecting a baby yesterday) and a rodeo in Pocatello this Saturday night then going on to Salt Lake on Sunday, Easter Day, and have dinner with Danny and AnnMarie and kids. The we will go to Will's appt. on Monday where he will see all his doctors (well, not all, we would never get through them all) and then we will come home Monday night. I am just hoping that it won't be too hard on Will but he's looking forward to it.

I will have more news later, if I can I will blog over the weekend so you all know where we are at and what we are doing.
During this week I get more and more in awe of our sweet Lord (and it happens every year). What a price to pay for our sins. I think I will go and listen to my favorite song before I go to bed. 'Amazing Grace" has such great lyrics and it can pertain to most everybody. If you don't have a copy, just type it into and it will bring it up.



Nichole Rammell said...

hey, maybe we will see you at the rodeo on saturday!!

Christine said...

Will! You are looking great!!! :) Sounds like things are going well! Just want you to know I am thinking about you!