Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009


What a beautiful spring day today! We had a wonderful day with good food and good family. Will was feeling really, really good today and he sat on the patio for most of the afternoon. We had our Boise family down for dinner. My dad and step mom Cherie, Christi (Will's cousin), Ryan (Christi's fiancee) Noah and Elliott (Christi's boys), Billie (Will's cousin and Christi's sister), Matt, Billie's husband with their two children, Sadie Kaye and Coby. Arron and Megan (also Will's cousin and Christi and Billie's sister) with their cutie Rustin. We had a houseful and I loved it!

Above: Elliott holding little Coby for his first ride on our horse, Honey.

Above: Noah holding Sadie and Coby for a little ride. I'm not really sure that Coby is liking this horse ride too much.

Above: Here is Rustin on Honey also

Above: Rustin and Sadie eating Will's birthday cake

Above: Willhas his back to the camera but everyone is singing Happy Birthday.

Here is Will just helping Sadie dish up the ice cream.

As you can tell we had a full day. Will had a great time and doesn't he look great. We were all commenting on how this time last year we weren't really celebrating his birthday too much. I have some more good pictures but I'm going to upload them to the blog tomorrow because I need to get to bed now. Don't miss them though, they are stupendous!


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