Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here's another Sunday

Will had his cat scan of his stomach and veins (two completely different ones) on Wednesday. They were a lot easier than he figured. The nurse said that they would have someone read them and send them on to the kidney transplant doctors by Thursday. The transplant team meets on Thursday so we were hoping that maybe, just maybe, we would hear something on Friday. NOPE. Anyway it was probably too early. They do meet every Thursday and decide cases so probably we won't hear now until next Friday whether he gets his okay for transplant. So please keep the prayers going. Thanks so much.

Will spent the waiting time with his new girl. Kayli came over on Sunday to visit Uncle Will (and us too), but mainly Uncle Will. He said he would watch her while I got some things done. The first picture is him watching her and he really is watching closely. So take a look.....

This next picture is how I found them a few minutes later. I don't know which one rocked the other to sleep, but.... how sweet!

Below is Kayli with her friends. She's not too sure about the croaking frog but she really likes the pink duck. She looks so much older. Today is her two week birthday.

Below is a picture of Angel trying to tease Kayli with her ice cream cone. Kayli didn't even care.

Below: I really think she was laughing at me in this picture.
We had a good time at a family patio party at Will's Aunt Karen's house on Saturday after dialysis. Will doesn't feel too good after dialysis but he really wanted to go and he wasn't sorry. Billie and Christi were there with their families along with my mom. Uncle Bill (my mom's brother) was there also and an old friend, Gwen was there too. We watched Sadie run and run and run and run and run. Yes, it did tire Will out just watching but she is so cute. Here are the Billie's two kids with their Aunt CeeCee (Christi).

Below is a picture of my mom and two of her great-grandchildren, Coby and Sadie. My mom had a birthday this week so we celebrated it at our house.
Happy Birthday, Mom

We probably will have some more pictures up during the week and, of course, if we hear anything I will post it on the blog.

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