Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Second day of Kayli's life

This is the second installment of Grandma's
little angel. I promised you more pictures and here
they are. I know I will be putting more of them on here, even though
this is Will's blog. But, as you can see from the first picture, she
might be the love of Will's life.

Below: Here she is posing with George the monkey before
she got to home from the hospital.

Below: Here is another set of grandparents. This is Buzz and Kay Beutler,
Buzz is Aaron's dad. They were at the hospital with us but we didn't
get any pictures of them with Kayli. They kind of think she's special too.
Angel and Aaron brought the little princess home around 2 this afternoon.
Angel is doing so good for just having a baby. They had lots of company and I took pictures of a few of them.

Below: Here is some good friends of Kayli's. Jeff and Charyl.
Jeff isn't very good at sharing babies. So Charyl will have to
come back when he's at work.
below: Here is Mindy and little Breanna meeting Kayli. Mindy
and Kristen came up to the hospital but Bre didn't get to meet
her until today. All she wanted to do was hold her, but she's a
little small for that. It was cute.

Below: Carson's mom brought him over to meet Kayli. He has been
really excited to meet her but then he got shy and didn't want anything to
do with her. So I took him in Kayli's room and let him be with her
with just me watching. It worked and then he didn't want to let
her go. We kept asking if we could take her and he kept saying "nope."

Below: I think she's just plain tired. I really wish you all could see her
in person. She is sooooo much cuter than photos can tell.

The family is doing fine and Will came over to Angel's house as soon as he got done with dialysis. He stayed for quite a while even though he was still cramping from dialysis. I guess when I move in they will just have to make a room for Uncle Will too.
Today they took the second blood sample to take the place of the one they lost last week and sent if off to Salt Lake hospital to get tested. We should hear something in about two weeks. Until then we will just keep on doing what we're doing, and praying for a kidney transplant. All your prayers are appreciated.
Will still has some really cute pics of the "Little Ray of Sunshine" on his phone, as soon as I figure out how to put them on here, I will.
Thanks and GOD BLESS


Dixie said...

Congrats Angel and Aaron. Kayli is adorable. Good luck Angel getting her away from her proud grandma and grandpa, and Uncle Will. She is one lucky little girl to come into the Harbison family.
I am hoping Will that the test will come back good and you can get the kidney transplant.


Dixie and James

auntie said...

Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa! From the "favorite" aunt! It's a long standing joke between and myself, Terri and Missy. Also, Angel and Aaron, you are very lucky parents to have such a beautiful and healthy family. Good luck. Saving the best for last, Will I am so proud of you! You are truly a special person.
Love, Auntie Anna

Katie Lardy said...

Congratulations Beutlers and Harbisons! Welcome Baby Kayli! We are happy for you beyond words. Enjoy every moment. We hope we are able to meet her soon.
Much love and many hugs,

Katie and Bella

chickenboy said...

Dear Beutlers,
Congrats on your beautiful baby girl. She is precious. I miss you and love you guys.Aunt Terri,Uncle Tom,and Will how does it feel to be grandparents and an uncle. I will talk to you soon.

T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Oh my Gosh she is the most Perfect little Angel ever!!!!I just want to snuggle now... I hope I get to see her sometime in real life... Congrats Harbison's for your new addition!!! Another milestone met..
Oh and Will, you spoil the heck out of her, okay!!!

Somer Love said...

Congratulations She is Beautiful!!!!!