Monday, November 2, 2009

Here's one more Halloween picture. That should be the last one. But she was so funny because it just didn't make any sense why one would want to put silly clothes on and go visit people. Soon she will though====CANDY.
Will has not had a great weekend. His pain level has been very high. They keep trying different things and he should be on top of it soon.
The culture from his wound in his leg has came back and he doesn't have MRSA. YEA!!!
The bad thing was that the doctor then had to go in and clean out all the dead tissue. It was not pleasant at all. The wound is about the size of my palm but it went clear down to the tissue. They have to repack it three times a day for awhile. When the doctor comes back in the morning, he should tell us what will be happening in the next few days.
Will will have dialysis in the morning which should take care of that terrible stomach pain for a few hours. I really pray that they find a cause of the pain soon. It seems to be getting worse, but then it could be because it is combined with the leg wound pain.
So tonight we really want Will to get some good sleep. I will let you know how everything is tomorrow night. I want to tell you all that we appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers that you have been sending our way. And we know it is hard for some of you not to be able to come up and see Will, but he doesn't want people to see him like this so that is what we want to do. Soon he will want as much company as he could get.
God bless and please pray for Will's pain to get under control. Thank you so much.


Miss W said...

What cute Halloween must all be so proud of little Kayli. Fight hard, Will. Even if we can't see you physically, we can visit virtually. Wish I could do that with Randy ; )

Dave and I had Ms. Gregg over to help pass out candy. It was good to see her! (And no, Randy, there was no dancing on tables and Dave still has his sanity : )

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.
-- Gary Zukav



Nichole Rammell said...

I hope they are able to get everything under control. You are in our thoughts.