Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday May 17, 2009

(Pictures below)

This was a party for Will's cousin Shannon, his Uncle Jack and Will who all have birthdays a few weeks from each other. So they celebrate together. It was an unbelievable beautiful day, the sun was out and there was hardly any wind. We had lots of people with lots of gooooood food.
Will's week was pretty much the same. He went to dialysis and had to evaluate his dry weight again. We think he might be losing weight but it might be muscle mass building. It is so hard to figure out. I know his blood sugar is more stable and he's needing less insulin.
Because of the change in weight, I don't think the dialysis people are taking enough off so Will is having a little more trouble breathing. This should be fixed this week we hope. But we did miss a good friend's wedding on Saturday. Will was really looking forward to going, but after dialysis he wasn't up to it at all. Andy, if you are reading this, we really did want to come.
I haven't had much time this week to blog and I apologize. This week was crazy with a capital C in school. We just have eight days left and we had our field trip on Thursday which I loved. Then we have so many little things happening. Life will be busy for the next two weeks so if I don't get on to blog like normal I will after school gets out. The last day is the 28th. It seems hard to believe that the school year is almost out.

Above and below: Uncle Jack, Will and Shannon
Happy Birthday

Above: Here's little Carson showing off for "Uncle Will" and Aaron. Isn't he cute?
Candace was down for the weekend and we had a lot of fun with her. Angel got some cute pictures and I will get them up on the blog so you can see how big she is getting. She went out fishing on our boat with her daddy and she loved it.

Above: Here's Will with his other Uncle (Tom's other brother, Bill) and Shannon. I think Tom is cleaning off the table. He's such a good helper.

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Christine said...

Happy birthday Will! Is it actually today?! Or when!? I miss you guys!! Will, you look awesome!! I am glad things sound like they are pretty good!!