Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday evening May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Above and below: Here is Will visiting some good friends of ours who came home to visit their mother (my good friend, Kathy Henslee). Their family has really changed over the time we were gone to SLC. Look at all babies!
We were next door neighbors for over 20 years and the kids grew up together. This is one of the Henslee girls, and she and Will are holding her triplets. Melissa's nieces and nephews are in the picture too (but that's not even half of them). It was a fun visit and Will loved being around all the kids.

Hagerman holds a Fossil Days during the Memorial Weekend with a big parade (that Will missed because he had to go to dialysis). Then they have a big thing in the park with vendor booths and carnival rides and live music. We use to love going to this every year (yes, they have wonderful food like elephant ears and corn dogs) and Will didn't think he wanted to go. He really hasn't gone much out in the public except those few basketball games. But he went and because he has to stay out of the sun, the pictures are kind of dark, so sorry.

Will found a nice shaded booth and sat awhile to visit with friends. Above is Butch whose daughter had a heart/lung transplant years ago and was friends with Will. Sadly to say she isn't with us any longer but she made a great impression on Will. Her perseverance and her wonderful outlook on life really changed Will's attitude about transplants.

Here is Will with one of his favorite people, Marge Sligar. Marge hadn't seen Will in almost two years. She use to own a big swimming pool in the Hagerman Valley and opened it up to Will on the off hours so he could swim when he was a kid. That helped him so much. She also helped run CF swim-a-thons to help raise money to find a cure. Her heart is bigger than all of Idaho and she really loves Will. She use to sneak into his hospital room at night on her way home and give him licorice. I think the nurses knew, they just looked the other way. The world needs more people like her, for sure. We love her and her family so much.

As you can see, Will has had a very busy weekend with everyone home for the holiday. He got to see a few old friends that he hasn't seen in quite a while. We didn't get out in the boat (maybe tomorrow) because everyone was on the river this weekend. He likes to drive the boat so we shouldn't have too many boats out there, right???
My dad turned 79 this week and they were throwing him a big party in Elko. We wanted to go but we couldn't get into dialysis any earlier because it was booked up. But Dad, if you are reading this, we really tried and I know you had a great time. Happy, happy birthday and I'm glad I get to be your daughter. We will celebrate when you get back to Boise. I love you
One of Will's closest cousins, Christi, had her birthday the day before my dad's. We didn't get to talk to her on her birthday but she knows that we thought about her all through the day. She's also getting married this summer.

I have one more week of school (Angel has two more weeks lol). Then "here comes summer" and fishing, fishing, fishing (with a little housecleaning in there somewhere). I hope all of you are getting ready for fun in the sun. Next week, on the third, we will be heading back down to SLC for Will's clinics. Hopefully we will get good reports all around. Please pray for that, thanks.
I might blog tomorrow night if we get more company. I know everyone likes pictures on here.
I pray for you all and hope God gives you all the blessings you need.


Cory n Tara said...

Hey Will and Will's family! I just found your blog on the gambles blog. I hope you are enjoying the wonderful weather...from the looks of your blog you are! Its great to see that you are enjoying yourselves-Love Tara

Miss W said...

What a blessing it is to read this type of blogging!

Terri - When you see Butch again, please give him a big hug. I miss him dearly. As a friend of dad's he always looked after me while I worked in Hagerman and drove between Gooding and work.

Here's to a great summer. I miss those summer breaks (although they weren't really breaks!)