Sunday, January 6, 2008

That time again

Will needed a "tune-up" so we took him into the hospital Sunday. He doesn't have a fever so we think that he can be kept on the waiting list. That' s good news. Will doesn't look like he's too bad off does he? The nurse in the picture is one of his favorites, Jennalynn, she paid me to say that. Anyway, thought I would let everyone know that for at least two weeks, this is where he'll be. Maybe we needed to come in so "they" would remember that he is out here waiting so patiently. I will keep everyone updated and all of you can keep your prayers coming in, or going up, I guess. He does look at the comments so if any of you want to post comments, just click on the link and if you don't have a google account, set one up. It's easy with your email account and a password. That's all you need. Then you just need to sign in with that. So leave him a message if you want. I will keep you informed on his condition. Love to all and God bless.


Angel said...

You are a dork!! I think that you guys need more pictures of me on the page so it can look better. :) Funny, funny

Christi said...

Its always about you, isn't it Angel.

Katie Lardy said...

Hi Will and Terri!
Looking closely, I can see Will's room number and phone number.
That's convenient.
Thanks for the update!
I'm thinking about you guys.

Tracy said...

I just thought of a time long ago, let's see if you remember it too... you and me were in your room playing some silly video game and Angel was little, 2 or 3 maybe? Anyway, you were winning, (of course!) and she was out watching "short circuit" and comes in and must have seen me losing and says, "no harm little lady, I'll fix your wagon".... I laugh to myself whenever I think of that! Well, take care of yourself, we're praying for you!

Coach said...

I need to let everyone know the reak reason you went in the hospital Will. Spending day after day with your Mom in your apartment would put anyone in the hospital. I don't think your CF caused this visit.
I have a feeling your new lungs are on the way. Hang in there.