Thursday, January 17, 2008


Will is feeling a little stronger now. He should be going home (of course, not to our "real" home) the first of next week. We have another young lady who just got listed for her lungs today. She is just a few doors down from Will's room. She and Will talk on the computer lots. For those of you that are praying hearts, please pray for her. Her name is Tanya and she is 21 yrs. old. If I can, I will get a picture of her on here. So things are moving along nicely. Our God is an awesome God!
Don't forget to comment on our blogs. Will likes to read them and so do I. It keeps us in contact with the outside world.


Coach said...

It was great visiting with you and I was impressed you called after the Cowboys game.You being in the hospital has helped your Dad get a few things worked out at his office. I think he needed a few days to get his office back in shape again. From whatI hear things went very well at the office this week.
I hope you get out this weekend and I look forward to watching a Westminster game with you soon.
Take care.

Rachel Finn said...

Hey Willie and fam! Love the are all in our thoughts and prayers. Miss you guys!

Mecale said...

Hey guys!! Hows it going? I got to have a nice but breif 'Sunday visit' with Tom last Sunday. It was good seeing him. He even shared an idea with Jeff on how he use to use Will when he was younger to get out of Church...not that Tom would intentionally do that. Talk to you soon. We enjoy the site. Although Will, before you post another picture of you in shorts can you invest in some sunless tanner!!??

webmaster said...

Hey Will,
What a great idea, I just read all of the posts on your blog and got cought up on what's been happening with you in Utah. Althoug your dad keeps us up to date it is nice to be able to view some of the pictures and hear from you how your doing. We are always thinking of you and hopping for you the best. R Harbison

Mel said...

Spring Creek Culley here! Like your site. Luv the pics. Lookin good! You, Will are looking so much like your Dad. Maybe its the fuzz on your chin. Looks good. Mighty handsome. Keep doing what your doing to keep progressing so well. No wheelchair races down the halls like in ER.
A couple months back in Wells- some ranch kids turned 3 sheep loose in the school. Had the numbers 1,2, and 4 painted on them. The cops spent hours *** looking for #3 that didn't exist. Made the news all over. Kids got in a heap of trouble. ---Sounds alot like some kids I know when they were younger.------Mary

Christi said...

This is me commenting. Enjoy Will. :-)

Mel said...

Will & Family

Here's a little ditty you might get a chuckle over.

you might have to copy & Paste in the search area. (funny song)