Monday, January 14, 2008

Cowboys aren't helping

Well Will was waiting all week for this BIG game between the Cowboys and that other team and I won't mention their name. We arranged for a big screen TV in the lounge. I brought chips, dip, crackers, cheese and pizza. His cousin and girlfriend came down and Angel and Aaron were still here. Sounds good, doesn't it? We did our part, what happened to Dallas? Oh well, next year, right? So these pictures are before the end of the game (nobody wants to see a picture of Will and his cousin Danny after the game.) I am just hoping that this doesn't set Will back. I don't think the Drs. would understand. Angel and Aaron decided to stay around until half time. Then they had to go back home. Here's the pictures of us all enjoying the game.


Katie Lardy said...

What an upset! But on the upside, you all look like you're having a great time.
Thanks for sharing the pictures of the weekend, Terri!
Love you all!

Anonymous said...

I finally got a chance to sneak upstairs to check out your blog while Tyler is napping!
MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! It was great to see Tom this weekend when he stopped by:-)
Well Will, Tyler is bummed that the Cowboys lost too-- Curt asked him at the beginning of the game "do you want the Cowboys (and he lets out a big COOO) or the Giants (and he is silent)?" Maybe next year?!

Our Savior is so good. We are praying for your strength and peace during this time. Love you guys!

Molly said...

Hey Coach and Coachs family :)
Im so glad coach keri gave me this site. its so good to see all the pictures and read how its going. burley is next wednesday....SENIOR NIGHT!!! It is going to feel so good beating them on our floor:)
p.s Congratulations Angel!