Sunday, April 4, 2010


What a fabulous day to remember the love our Father in Heaven has for us all (and I do mean everyone). We started it out by going to Sunrise Service and had a great breakfast with the people that came to the service.
We are so blessed that God sent His Son for our sins.
What an awesome God we have.

Now here is a cute picture of Kayli. She's now an official "crawler".
She does the army crawl so far, but soon she will be up on hands and knees. Boy Grandpa Tom is going to have his hands full now.
Here's Kayli getting ready to go on an Easter egg hunt. It was so cold even though the sun was shining.

This is the cutest picture of all. This was taken after Sunrise Service. She's all tuckered out. How sweet is that??

I hope everyone had a terrific Easter and we will be getting more pictures up here. By the way Tom and I had a good time on Spring Break. We spent a few days in Mesquite and a couple days in Vegas. Vegas probably won't be my favorite place to spend time, but it was a blast to watch all the strange (and I do mean strange) people there. We love our new car, it made the trip so easy.

God Bless you all.