Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009


So now I'll tell you all about the week. We went down to Salt Lake on Monday because we were told to change the date for the vascular surgeon. He was going to be busy on Wednesday so could we come down on Tuesday for the venagram. We said sure because we thought that would give us more days to shop around for the "stuff" that we need for our boat. Well they wanted us in there by 8:30. We were there on time. Then they came out to the waiting room and said "the room is broken" (I promise that was their exact words). They are trying to fix it and we should just wait a little bit. Here is Will waiting............................................

and waiting.....................................

(by the way, he's asleep)...............

Then finally he got in a little after 1:00 in the afternoon. Will doesn't "do" waiting well anymore. But the drs. found that he needed the balloon in his vein again so it's a good thing we had the procedure that day. Then Will had to wait for three hours while they made sure that he was clotting okay.

Then Will and his parents (that's us) went back to the hotel and just relaxed (Will wasn't supposed to do too much anyway). We went to clinic the next morning. Will had x-rays, blood work and then his PFT (pulmonary function test). Then it was on to meet with Dr. Cahill. She came in and said "d*** Will, you're drowning your lungs." Well, needless to say Dr. Cahill wanted Will to go into the hospital and get his lungs dry. Again, Will was not happy----if you all remember, this is the exact thing that happened last month when Will went to clinic.

Here is Will in his bed, he's not talking to anyone right now.

So Will had dialysis for three days straight and then Dr. Cahill said we could go home on Friday night if the x-ray looked better. It showed a little improvement and they decided that maybe Will need to go to dialysis four days a week now. So we came home last night. Will told Tauni that if Dr. Cahill wants to see him in the near future-she will have to come to our boat to visit. The one good thing this trip is that he got a "button" on his feeding tube site. This is flush to the skin so it is so much nicer for Will not to have all those tubes sticking out from his stomach. Will still had to go to dialysis again today and afterwards he felt exhausted and he's really hurting. Tomorrow he will be able to just sit back and relax.

We did get to visit a lot of our friends from the hospital and we saw Sarah (remember she is our good friend that had her transplant a couple of months before Will.) She looks maaarvelous.I really do miss all of them and wish we could have seen them all,(we love you guys so much) we weren't there all that long this time (yippee).

We did get referred to the kidney transplant people and we have started the paperwork. We will keep you updated on that as we go along. I know some people think that Will would never go after another transplant but he's all for it. It will change his life for the the good. No more dialysis, no more crazy diet and no more fluid restriction. Good times ahead.


GOD BLESS and have a great Sunday.


Miss W said...

We're all behind you, Will (and family). You are a true fighter and child of God. I wish that things would go a bit smoother, but all in God's time. I know that is hard to say sometimes, but we know everything is out of our control.

Will, even though you where in that hospital bed, you looked pretty awesome just relaxing and hangin' out.

You are always in our thoughts and prayers!

Hugs and happy summer days to come!

Suzy-Q said...

AMEN! Checking in to say we're here and still sending virtual hugs! We love the boat and think Will needs to post his mailing address so we can send him postcards there. We love and miss you guys! We're praying for all the best.... Can we come visit?